Thursday, December 29, 2005

To the frog pond with you!

So ya. I frogged. Not only did knitting those damn slippers give me hand cramps, I looked down and honestly figured I didn't have enough burgandy yarn. I'm NOT buying more damn yarn for these things, and if I got much farther and had to I'd be mad.

So scrapped. Blah!

Wavy Gravy I guess!

Am I stupid?

Is it stupid to buy a magazine for 1 pattern? I mean, I looked through the preview, and everything is pretty much in the WTF category. But this sweater really stands out. Especially if it were a bit longer. But am I wary of it because she's in the middle of a backbend or something? I mean, what does it look like on an upright model.

Or maybe I'm just distracted by her cleavage.


Maybe I want to make the sweater, it looks easy as hell. Wonder what the back looks like...


Okay, I just say a red flag. No set in sleeves. That means droopy armpits. Sorry backbend boob lady, That looks like it would be a horror story on my pits. I'm reliving Angelina right now.

I still like the look of it. *sniffle*

Oopie, I spent money!

Since I didn't get much knitting related (well, a shirt, that's it), I bought stuff today online. Not much, just a swift from (used a 50% off coupon, so it was $30) and a few balls of yarn.

I figured Ben would appreciate the camo sock yarn, even if it is acrylic/nylon. I'll work on those in February.

Things I need to get a start on: Womb, and a baby blanket. I plan on using up the rest of my Homespun Baby on that, in the pinwheel pattern. I have until April...heh.

I'm working on swatches for my monthly trade, that's fun. I still hate the slippers and rarely work on them. Oh well. I will do other projects besides them. I just hate the pattern.

Not much new really. The Sims 2 has taken over all of my free time, can't knit!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Need, want, must have.

I'll be stalking this site until I get a damn chart ;)

SO nice. While I just want the chart, the whole thing is pretty damn nifty.

Stolen photo, but at least I'm hosting it myself :P

Lace weight skulls. Mmm...oh that reminds me, I still need to get those cute bats from Walkers 3rd book! Yay for after xmas shopping!

Knit Graffiti.

Knitta, Please!

Throwing knitted gang signs ;)

Other knitting news: I hate these damn slippers. They won't be done until 2006. They hurt my hands to knit. Boo!

Friday, December 16, 2005

We Call Them Pirates!

Stats: Lionbrand Microspun. To match my brothers scarf from last year. It turned out excellent!

Looks much better on.

No, seriously ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I'm craving knitting a big bulky long long scarf. Fuzzy, warm and bulky. Yet, I do not own any big bulky fuzzy yarn (that's not allocated for a sweater), nor do I have the time.

I'm almost done the decreases in the hat, then I need to do the sweatband part. Its a lot harder to do fair isle on dpn's, especially when the design is pretty stretched out. I forgot that.

Will I get to those darn slippers? I was hoping to mail this stuff out Monday am! 3 pairs over the weekend and I haven't gotten close to gauge yet? Hrm.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We call them unfinished ;)

We Call Them Pirates (pdf download, sorry) hat. Obviously unfinished. I just thought I would post something ;)

Friday, December 09, 2005

He's so grounded.

I'm not to watch Knitty Gritty with Ben in the livingroom anymore. He's taken to giving me the devil horns and saying "Knit On!" randomly. He's used "Cast On!" too.

The funny part is that he had to explain to a coworker what casing on was after he did it at work.

I married a dork.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fairly Easy Fair Isle

Ahh, self portraits. As we all know, this took less than a week to knit up (took longer to get up off my lazy ass to sew the damn buttons on). Yes, I should of added shaping, but well, its pretty damn big anyway, so it would be shaping on a big sweater. I got gauge. I think I need a class in "ease", and what designers think that is. Honest to $DEITY this is the medium. Do I wear all of my normal store bought clothes skin tight? Wait, don't answer that question.

Lionbrand Jiffy. I'm thinking of keeping this at work, since its either super hot or super cold. I have a pretty lame sweater there right now. Oh, and notice the big puffy skirt underneath. This would look WAY better with jeans, but I wasn't about to change for photos. Sheesh.

This is honestly a super easy peasy sweater. Anyone who wants to venture into colourwork will find this fun. I just thought it would be nice mindless fun for my trip!

Monday, December 05, 2005

New Knitty.

So, knitty is up and pretty darn cute.

I'm in love with this sweater. Well, the neckline. However, minus the stripes. And I'm unsure about the construction. It just doesn't LOOK like it will fit well, you know? I mean, it looks good on her, but that whole shrug top dealie. You know how they get baggy and weird and not one size fits all crap. Knitting that up into a sweater is just a red flag. I know it is technically sized, but I'm picturing a baggy bit on the back where its attached, kinda like the part I hate on the Hot Lava cartigan.

But I really really like it. Maybe I just need to find another sweater with a similar neckline. Hrm.

Cookie's Sock looks so cool! Nice photography C ;) Do I like Festive? I think I just like the concept, as I have a few tops on my must knit list that look kinda like this. Oh, and then there's Danica, *sigh* but um, that could just be because there's a hot hot bald man in the photo, who is the designer. Yum. Honestly, I could care less if a man knits, its all about the lack of hair ;)

Anyway, nice balanced issue.

OTN: Struggling with gauge (or lack thereof in instructions) for these damn grannie slippers. I'm unsure with how much to pull the stranded yarn behind for the puckered look. 2 tries have turned out too big. Hrm. This was supposed to be a funny joke gift for my brother, but its turning out to be a damn chore!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Buffy, the bunny slayer.

So I put a blue bow on Buffy. This pattern is eeh. From Knitty, I can't complain because it was free. "Bubby" is just not a proper bunny name. I also did a half assed job on the ears, but hey, I was already disliking the pattern by then.

Trying to use my my Andean Silk, since it has wool in it. It didn't work, this little one barely made a dent :(

Potato Chip Scarf

Made from some random Ebay nylon purchase, same as the "To Dye For" sweater. It didn't turn out long and luxurious, like I was assuming, its kinda short. Maybe 5ft. I used the pattern from Knitters Review. This will make a perfect gift for a little girl. I finished this on the plane home from St. Louis :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Its dead Jim.

Well, I took my camera to St. Louis, and its now dead. Ben is looking for the receipt to see if he bought the extended warranty. I use my camera almost as much as my laptop, so it will be replaced soon, if not fixed.

Since the cartigan (still no buttons, I haven't had time to block it or wash it), I've made a potato chip scarf, and started on a Bubby "bear". Its a rabbit of course... named Buffy. She needs some arms and legs and she's done. Honestly, I don't like the pattern at all. My bunny has this stupid top knot, and if you follow the patten, there's no way in hell you can stuff the head. Fortunately Elspeth made this little one before I did and mentioned that, so I stuffed while I was decreasing.

The potato chip scarf turned out WAYY to short, and I did an extra increase row for some extra rufflage. I'm making up words here. Anyway, 90 stitches wasn't enough to start with for an adult and my yarn but hey, its done. Oh, and it took me 3 hours to cast off. Talk about boring.

Anyway, it goes in the donation pile, with a few other scarves. That damn nylon cone is neverending. Sheesh. I need an interesting scarf pattern so something for it I guess.

Work is insane (still? again?), so not much knitting for me. Figures.