Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Jesters Hat and Baby Booties, with pics!

Jesters Hat: From Knit Baby Head & Toe.
Lionbrand Microspun in Purple, and Lionbrand Baby Soft in Lavender.

I made quite a few mistakes with the M1's. I still think it turned out cute, especially for a baby. The bells are so sweet!

1 Hour Baby Booties: From Stitch and Bitch Nation
Lionbrand Microspun in Purple, and Lionbrand Baby Soft in Lavender.

Yep, they took an hour. I doubled stranded and the first bootie would have fit a doll. I changed up the gauge to get these cuties. They might not fit at the same time the hat does (the hat turned out a bit big), but hey, I finished them up! I knit an icord instead of crochet, and added a bell. Also, the straps are permanent, so you have to slip baby's feetsies in instead of strapping them in. I was tired by the time I came to that.

But what did I do with that extra microspun? I was saving it for a scrap hat or something...

It went to a better cause. Bella (the cat) tried to blame it on Raven (the bunny) but she was in her cage all night. Its ALL over the house. Hehe. Good thing I love her!

Mental note: put the yarn you WANT to keep in the plastic tote, the animals haven't figured out the lid yet.


toni said...

Wow, I love your blog. I tried giving my kitties some junk yarn, but they only want to play with the good stuff. Have yours figured out the death roll yet? They wrap themselves in the yarn until you have to cut it off of them. *sigh* Learned about that move the hard way.

I have to ask, where in the heck do you get GLOW IN THE DARK YARN??? I think you've introduced me to a new obsession.

Shannon said...

No, they haven't done any death rolls, I don't give them enough for it anyway ;) Its too cute!! I got the GITD yarn at Stitches! It was hidden, and I can't wait to work with it!