Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There is really never anything to report on progress when you are knitting two stockinette sleeves at the same time. I'm a little over 13" in on them. Woo. The green is getting old, I need something black to knit on.

I think I'm going to do that cabled hoodie scarf out of my shine worsted I thought about in January. Should be nice and cosy, and I have the exact yardage and will use the same yarn. I almost never do that!

Also, Mindy (aka, SHOES) forced me to buy shoes. I swear. I didn't even get a discount (from my new job, they don't seem to carry this pattern). What an enabler. But let me tell ya, they rock!!

Hello, she even included a pic!

Yes, those are bunnies. BUNNIES! YES! On dark purple, not black, but I dig purple. Oh, and she even tracked down the right size. What a friend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I kinda like knitting in green

Now, don't worry...I'll be back to black soon. But I like green. It is my DH's favourite colour so I tend to get a lot of compliments when I wear green from him. That is never a bad thing.

So, will I actually wear this sweater? I have no idea, but I have a feeling it won't be based on the colour. I'm just not sure on how it will fit. Sure, I made a few sizes smaller, but you never really know until you put it together. I'm not even up to the armholes yet on the front, so it will be awhile until I find out.

I got my new Rebecca on Monday which is great. Well, not as in "great I want to make every single thing" but "great, it got here safe from Germany" great. Um. Ya. There are a few things I really like, but would have to modify. Stupid mags where winter = wool.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

PRGE v3 Questionaire

1. Why are you punk?

I'm not. I'm more goth. I like punks. They are keen. They like black yarn too ;)

2. What are your five favorite things? (these don't have to be knit related)

Bunnies, black yarn, chocolate, tea, making soap

3. What are your three favorite things that you have made with knitting/crochet?

Le slouch is going to be worn a lot, clapotis, and I guess my something "red". Okay, I just named my last 3 projects. Sue me.

4. What five things would you love to see in a swap box someday?

A bunny! Haha. No uh, they don't ship well. Black yarn, chocolate, tea, fun stitch markers, fun patterns or patten books

5. What are your three favorite yarns? What are your three least favorite yarns?

Fave: rowan calmer, alpaca from just about anywhere, blue sky alpaca cotton.
Least: anything wool, anything funfur, anything crazy novelty that gets by with being not in the funfur category.

6. What are your five favorite delicacies?

Japanese candies, high end tea, vegan chocolate, yarn (especially when it is an expensive yarn!), french pastilles

7. What are your three favorite guilty pleasures?

Not sure how this is different than delicacies for me. Um, baking cupcakes, buying yarn, splurging on new technologies (like my gps/heart rate monitor for running), watching anime, buying knitting patterns I'll never knit

8. What are the five things you look forward to every week?

The end of the week, knitting on Sundays at sbux, making soap, going out for a nice dinner with the DH and I can't think of a 5th!

9. What do you collect?

Bunnies and black yarn.

10. When is your birthday?

November 14th!

11. Do you have any wishlists?

I have an amazon wishlist under my name and email address. It also has a seperate knitting section. PS: I love used knitting books, the older and weirder the better!

12. What would you like your pal to know that is not covered here?

I am highly allergic to wool and lanolin. Please do not send wool or wool blends in my box.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


So I'm busy at work, and then I pick up a contract on top of that. Uh ya. Stupid me. Anyway, it doesn't leave much time for knitting. Even in the small amount of spare time I have (no running because it is over 100 degrees out at 8pm!) I did manage to finish the back of my sweater and cast on for the front. I'm sure I'll be stabbing my eyes out when I get to the sleeves. Boing stockinette. At least I have a lonely cable to entertain me every 16 rows now.

Not very interesting, or else I'd post a pic.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Le What? Le Slouch!

Okay, I love this thing, and it was such an easy and quick knit. I did do it in seed stitch, mostly because there are some sweaters out in seed stitch and I wanted to remind myself that it is a PITA. Still went quickly though. Oh, the yarn (Berrocco Smart Mohair) pretty much blows. It is scratchy acrylicy, not soft acrylicy. But, that does make for a warm and durable hat. Never make something that is touching your skin out of this stuff! *shudder*

I'm considering making at least one other. Maybe in a blue or something. Hrm!


I finished Le Slouch, but I wore my hair "wrong" for a good photo to be taken today. I'll do it tonight or tomorrow.

I cast on for Torque, and boy is this going to take a bit of time. I wish I would have figured out how to do it in the round and split for the armholes, because this is going to kill me in plain stockinette on size 6 needles.

Still not sure if I can make it to knitting on Sunday, as we're planning on going to see Stardust after brunch. Or maybe an early dinner, I'm not sure yet. DH never lets me know of the plans ahead of time!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Where is it?

Okay, I bought yarn for Le Slouch (I'm on a Wendy kick I guess) but it isn't here. The perils of online shopping, oh well. And um, it was so impulsive that I don't remember what I bought... other than it was onsale at Webs, and uh, black. Oh, and gauge was right on the ball band.


I'm sure it will show up and be a great gift to myself.

I think I'll cast on for Torque. At least do some ribbing or something. My needles feel naked.

[edit] Got the mail, and it was Berroco Smart Mohair. Fuzzy yet acrylic will stand up to the snow ;)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Something "Red" or Grey

This Blue Sky Alpaca Yarn rocks! It goes to the top of my faves list. I was assuming it would shrink up like my swatch, but it didn't shrink very much at all. Which is unfortunate because the raglan in my size is just too long. I should of made the smallest, as it is kind of baggy (even with decreases) in the pitts. Grr. I have an extra inch or so. I just like things fitted. Oh, and my gauge was off, so it ended up kind of big overall, but that isn't a problem as it is meant to be worn over things.

Other than that, it is a good pattern, besides me messing up the short rows. The instructions didn't make sense to me, especially when hiding the wraps since I was wrapping the same stitch each time. Now, I've done short rows before, but never wrapped the same stitch, so it was um, weird. I think I just read it wrong.

Friday, August 03, 2007


I haven't knitted since Sunday. Whoops. Anyway, this morning I bound off the ribbing and picked up stitches for the neckline. I'm unsure. I split them evenly, but I don't know if that was wise with the ribbing, since I had to cram some near the top, and spead some out with the bottom. Hrm. I guess I have to wait until I do the whole damn thing as my circs aren't long enough to see how it lays (since I didn't use my denise set, figures).

I'm also unsure why I need the short rows. I'm not convinced they are needed. Do I really need the back of my sweater to be 1.5" taller than the rest of the band? Not convinced. It just seems like a pain to wrap and turn, and hide the wraps for something that will never be seen since I normally wear my hair down. I'm more concerned about the buckling that might be caused by my picked up stitches than a modified collar though.

I'm thinking way too much into this.