Thursday, December 29, 2005

Am I stupid?

Is it stupid to buy a magazine for 1 pattern? I mean, I looked through the preview, and everything is pretty much in the WTF category. But this sweater really stands out. Especially if it were a bit longer. But am I wary of it because she's in the middle of a backbend or something? I mean, what does it look like on an upright model.

Or maybe I'm just distracted by her cleavage.


Maybe I want to make the sweater, it looks easy as hell. Wonder what the back looks like...


Okay, I just say a red flag. No set in sleeves. That means droopy armpits. Sorry backbend boob lady, That looks like it would be a horror story on my pits. I'm reliving Angelina right now.

I still like the look of it. *sniffle*


Elspeth said...

What magazine is it? An expensive one? It does look like something you could recreate, but I have also bought magazines for just 1 pattern.

Shannon said...

Eh, its just Vogue Knitting, Winter. I don't really want it for 1 pattern, and I'm trying to purge things!