Friday, September 30, 2005


I finished my Mother Inlaws socks last night, and guess what? I'm a dumbass. One is at least an INCH longer in the leg length than the other. WTF? I'm going to pray to the washing machine gods to help me with this one. UGH. I shouldn't have tried the one on before I finished the second, I actually think its stretched out a bit more.

Sock one: jog in the pattern at the arch.
Sock two: forgot to pick up wraps and its longer. Oh, and there's a weird wrap from me getting the yarn tangled in the DPN's near the bottom of the foot. Brilliant.

And at the 7am photoshoot, I wore one inside out. Thank goodness you can't tell. At least I cropped out my skull pjs ;)

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the one that is inside out is on your right foot, but I'll never tell. The pattern is awesome! I'm addicted to knitting and love to do socks! Why? You can play with lots of different yarns, patterns and finishing a pair is easily attainable! I like finished projects!! Love your blog.