Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I didn't knit last night

I didn't knit last night, but I planned! I went though most of my books and I'm severely lacking in my baby patterns. I turned to my only baby book Knit Baby Head & Toes for some inspiration. I did make the jesters hat from this book.

My boss is having a little boy. And they love their dogs. So I am going to make him the felted puppy slippers. In alpaca of course. I hope I can get the stink out ;) I'm making them in a darker brown, not the one shown (but the darker brown is in the book). And a cute hat too. In brown also to match the booties. Well, as much as they can match when I'm using a completely different yarn. I still haven't ordered, and I'm still stuck on a chestnut colour or dark blue. I'll have to decide by Friday.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Yes, I'm going to knit

I haven't been to the weekly knitting in weeks! I'm just plain exhausted, and Sundays is the only day I generally have to do household errands and catch up on things. Blah!

The Simple Knit Bodice is now part of the Sexy Knitters Club so now I have some inspiration to get that done. They also chose Sizzle, which is on my list too. I did knit a bit yesterday while watching Pride Fighting (my brother watches a lot of fighting shows, I'm generally more into Ultimate Fighting, but that's another entry that has nothing to do with knitting) and I'm almost ready to seperate the sleeves. Uh, that's not amazing for me. I would probably be done 2 of these by now, but it isn't a race. Oh, I knit on Wednesday when I was in the hospital. It was for tests, I didn't go in a panic.

So I really want to get my butt in gear. It will be fun once I get to the lace. I was planning on adding beads, it should be pretty!

Monday, August 21, 2006

I haven't knit all week

I'm just feeling kinda blah lately and not wanting to knit. I didn't even make it to knitting this week since I was busy running erands. Grr. Then again, I had 6 other days to knit, right? Oh well, I don't have a deadline.

But last week, I got an amazing Secret Pal package, AND a reveal!! Yay!

I really need to improve my photo skills, but darn, Becka rocks! I have loved all of her packages, and she sent me many a postcard. I felt really spoiled this round, and I'm glad to have a new friend. Did you notice the black bunny trivet? Damn she pays attention!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yay, babies!

My boss just found out his wife is having a boy! Yay for knitting stuff! I have it pictured in my head to make a little doggie or panda or some sort of animal hooded sweater. Okay, mostly because *I* wear a bear hooded sweater still, they are super cute on kids. His wife is due in January I think, so I have loads of time.

Also, it will be mega cold here, so I'm not afraid to make something warm! What is your favourite item to make babies?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mildly irritating.

The soy silk is divine. SO soft. Really nice.


My first skein was broke in 4 places! 4! And I didn't notice the last one until I was up on it. I had to pretty much toss the first bit of it all. So now since I'm up to over 200 stitches or so across, I have a break I need to weave in. Ugh.

It is really soft.

And I washed my swatch. Wow, it shrunk up .5 inches and grew a whole 1.5 in width. That would be seriously messed up if I washed this. If you ever make this sweater, note that the gauge is to be achieved at tight knit. So when blocked, my fabric is kinda airy instead of mostly solid. This is because the yarn was 18 sts per inch, and the gauge was 20. I was planning on wearing a tank underneath anyway!

If the next skein has as many breaks, we are going to have an explicit vent published.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oopsie, I bought another pattern.

I'm so bad. I bought another pattern. At least I think I have the yarn for it!

Rusted Root from

I *think* I might make this in Shine Worsted. I have that! It would look good in dark green though.

I only have about 2 inches on my current sweater worked out, so it won't happen for awhile. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the soy silk. SO nice.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I wasn't going to...

I wasn't going to join any new swaps. I wasn't going to join SP9, but well, I don't know until the last minute if I will or not. I have a feeling I won't. It's not because I have a crummy pal! In fact, I have a kickass SP8 pal. And I like spoiling my person too. It is just because...well. I don't know. I'm getting over secret gifting?

Well I was. Then E sent me a link to the Punk Rock Gift Exchange. I even used BlackCrow's button in my sidebar (I love her dollies!!)

So there I am. Signed up for the exchange. And it falls within my birthday! Oh! That's coming up!! Yay!

Feather and Fan Finished

I finished this on Monday, but I took a day off from online activities to sleep yesterday. It is actually much bigger than it looks in the photo. Made on size 15 needles with the extra ebay nylon I bought so long ago. It will make a good baby blanket.

In other knitting news, I've swatched my soy silk (came in on Monday) and cast on for my Glampyre Knitted Bodice. SO SOFT. A question to those who add beads to knitting: Should I look for 8/0 seeds or should I go down to 6/0? My gauge is 20 st per inch, so I just don't know. I'm thinking 8 might be fine, but I don't really know! I have to get one of those mini cr*chet hooks too. *sigh*