Sunday, June 29, 2008

It doesn't scream "pithy" but it is cute

I don't know why this pattern is called the Mary Jane Pithy Hat. I mean, the original hat didn't have a pith on it. But whatever, it is cute. I read the pattern wrong and thought for the slouch on the original I had to knit 11" instead of 8". It was the other way around so I got a really floppy hat, which is fine. It is more my style that way. I used my Blackberry Patch Alpaca I got at Stitches West and still have some leftover. It will be really warm with it being made out of alpaca!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


One of my old and very cool coworkers is pregnant and just found out it is a GIRL! Okay, I was kinda hoping because her favourite colour combo is hot pink and black.

Now...what to knit? She's very punk and weirdo friendly! Hah! Probably not a blankie because her mom makes really cool cr*chet ones. They are in SF so perfect for handknits. They live in the fog belt.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Orangina isn't so Orange

So here is my finished Orangina. It could be a bit longer, but it is cotton and I do expect it to get a bit bigger. Plus, I was lazy. I really do like it, and I think it is flattering. Made out of Anne Circulo, it took a bit more (.1oz) than a full ball to make! SO ya, I have a lot left over that might be a summer bag or something. It did take way too long to knit mind you, almost 7 weeks. Sheesh. I did knit the 2 8" pieces at the same time and then joined them in the round after the armpits. There is a bit of stockinette down the sides but you can't notice it really. It was easier than seaming!