Monday, April 26, 2010

I completely dropped the ball

Ball of yarn that is. Wow. I was working on Katrina and I really didn't like it. I still worked on it each Sunday but I wasn't really into it (obviously if I only worked on it Sundays).

Sunday I spread it out, with about 10 inches to go and deemed it crap and ripped it out. I can use that Calmer for something nicer. The increases looked sloppy and the traveling rib was weird. So, it is in a ball right now.

Tonight I decided to start to knit for some of the babies I know are on their way. A plain baby kimono to start in cotton tots leftovers. I also have this navy bamboo in my trades that could make something nice too. I think navy is just fine for a baby, however I have NO idea what to make with the 600 yds I have. Hrm. So 600yds, bumpy-ish bamboo at 20 sts per 4. Something too plain might make it look sloppy.

So sorry for ditching the blog for so long, I was just in an unhappy knitting place. Now that it is frogged I can get on with my life ;)