Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sari Done and Jesters Hat

The sari scarf is done! Woo!

I think if my neice likes it when she visits next month it can go home with her. It sure was an experience. It may grow on me, its just so darn sloppy. I'm trying to figure out what to make with the other 2 balls.

It is pretty cool. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me. I think I just need to wear it for a bit.

I'm making a jesters hat for Kim's baby! Sex unknown! Its pretty exciting. Sure, I already made the blanket, but after a botched bonnet, I found this book. So cute! There's even a newsboy baby hat that I can make too! I might just wait until the little one is born so I can figure out a good colour for it.

Anyway, the jester hat:

Dark purple and light purple stripes, Lionbrand Microspun in Purple, and Lionbrand Baby Soft in Lavender. I feel like a damn Lionbrand ad! Sheesh.

Striped baby booties to match? Tee hee!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Stitches (again), and Sari

So I went to Stitches on Friday, because you know, work is overrated. There were a lot of crazy women out, it was entertaining for a bit... then it was overwhelming. The people were rude and shoving and it was literally a madhouse.

You know its bad when I go with my hippy friend and look at her to keep grounded in her tie dye glory! Hah! Oh, she's awesome, and she bathes, so I have absoultely no problem with her. Plus, she's an excellent knitter!

Oh, and I didn't die, but almost with all that damn wool. Women kept on shoving me and I would end up in the roving (unadulterated wool, direct from the sheep, aka, instant death) and trying not to have any of it touch my skin. I did survive a few hours, and bought this:

That's cotton, 1200 yards. I got it for half off of their already special price since it didn't have a tag. $10. That's 2 balls of GLOW IN THE DARK yarn. And the pattern hopefully will work out for the 1200 yards of cotton. The pattern is called Angelina and I love the whole damn site. Its made for busty women, and I swear I will make everything there. I'm already confused with the pattern, go me!

Sari update: Wow, I completely understand how frustrating it is that this yarn isn't perfect. The dropped stitches turn out pretty funky, and not in a good way if you are a meticulous knitter. I mean, it looks cool I guess, just ultra sloppy. Its hard to be proud of something sloppy.

Ya, I'd be done by now if I was in love, instead I do one repeat a day or so. Blah. The whole concept is really damn cool, I just wish I figured out a hip scarf or something for belly dancing. Maybe I'll add to the finished piece when I have more skills. Maybe it will make a really great present for someone.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Stitches West

Stitches was PACKED today (Friday). Packed with really rude people too! Sheesh. I know there were deals and such there, but there's no need to shove. I got tossed around and ended up appologizing too many times for people hitting ME.

The WEBS booth was packed with bargains. So many bargains that I avoided it because of all the people. Its too bad, they had some nice soy silk and such.

I found glow in the dark yarn, and she didn't have a lot, and she doesn't have it on her site (woolstock.com). Its 250yds to the ball (Nightlights) and looks like its a worsted weight. Its really cool and does glow. I'm thinking of making some intarsia scarves with it.

Of course I went and worshipped at the White Lies Designs booth and picked up Angelina Vintage Jacket pattern (on their front page ). I love these people. I'm looking forward to making it, its knit all in one piece, and some of the instructions are foggy right now so it will be a challenge. I promised myself I would make this one and THEN buy the other ones. Damage control.

Then my last purchase (see, I was GOOD) was at Interlacements. They dye hanks and are in Colorado Springs. They had great deals, and my partner in crime had shopped with them last year. They had a LOT of flax, cotton, and other non wool fibers to choose from, which is A++ in my book since I was already weezing and having problems breathing from all the wool (I'm allergic). I picked up a skein that didn't have a tag but I knew it wasn't wool. The lady joked with the guy when I asked her to write down what it was and the yardage (100% cotton, 1250yds) and she said she had to give me a discount because the guy forgot the label. Said discount was 50% off!! I got 1250yds for $10! Its so pretty too! I would have paid $20 which still would have been a steal for this gem!

So I came home, drugged myself up so I could breathe again, and had a nap. I don't just buy yarn without a purpose! And DUH me, the jacket I bought needed 1200 yds of close to the same weight of yarn! Guess who's getting an Angelina Jacket in beautiful jewel coloured yarn? Yay! Not really fuzzy, but cotton instead, I think it will work.

I could have bought a lot more, but the stuff that was top on my list I didn't find. There were NO Rebecca magazines to be had (werid, huh?) and I didn't find any ball winders that I couldn't get on ebay for much cheaper. I would have bought some hemp, but the hemp dealer (hehe, that's funny) didn't have anything over sport weight, and I needed worsted for 2 sweaters. I didn't find a new knitting bag either. Jordanna Paige was there, and there were some random bags thrown around for good measure, but non to my tastes.

Overall, it was okay. The crowd was insane (and not in a good way) but the vendors were all polite and ready to chat even if you didn't buy anything. Cashmere and Mohair are POPULAR, they were everywhere, which was cool. I would have liked to see more of the soy/hemp and other alternative stuff, but hey, at least they had a bit of a showing.

Good luck to people going on the weekend, bring body armor!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Big Bad Baby Blanket, finito!

Things I learned:

1. The pattern calls for blocking it to the size. When using acrylic, add the extra inches so that it becomes a square right off, not a rectangle.

2. Never use homespun if you care about colour variation. I hate the striping, but at least I got lucky and its even.

3. Yes, a baby blanket can be done quickly. This one: 11 days. That was with a few days off and 1-2 row days.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I better finish before the baby arrives!

You can see the "striping" in this photo. I'm pretty bummed about it. Oh well.

Also, I need to vacuum. Heh.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Its getting big!

I need to take a pic of my bbbb! I've been slacking on it, but still its only been a week and I'm 70% done!

Pet peeve: the Homespun is ALL the same dyelot, but I have STRIPES of colour through it! Ga! At least its uniform stripes. I'm still peeved.

Next: I want to make a wrap or scarf or something out of the 3 balls of the pretty recycled silk I got! I was thinking I could do a wrap, but I have this HUGE habit of running out of yarn. *sigh* I'm sure 3 balls is enough. Each is 85 yards or something. I have no idea anymore. I need pattern ideas.