Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fairly Easy Fair Isle

Ahh, self portraits. As we all know, this took less than a week to knit up (took longer to get up off my lazy ass to sew the damn buttons on). Yes, I should of added shaping, but well, its pretty damn big anyway, so it would be shaping on a big sweater. I got gauge. I think I need a class in "ease", and what designers think that is. Honest to $DEITY this is the medium. Do I wear all of my normal store bought clothes skin tight? Wait, don't answer that question.

Lionbrand Jiffy. I'm thinking of keeping this at work, since its either super hot or super cold. I have a pretty lame sweater there right now. Oh, and notice the big puffy skirt underneath. This would look WAY better with jeans, but I wasn't about to change for photos. Sheesh.

This is honestly a super easy peasy sweater. Anyone who wants to venture into colourwork will find this fun. I just thought it would be nice mindless fun for my trip!


Cookie said...

Holy crap, that was a fast knit. It's big in a drapey sort of way, not in a baggy absurd way. I totally like it!

the knitrider said...

yay! it looks awesome. i like the colors you chose. those sizes did run small, i noticed too.