Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oopie, I spent money!

Since I didn't get much knitting related (well, a shirt, that's it), I bought stuff today online. Not much, just a swift from (used a 50% off coupon, so it was $30) and a few balls of yarn.

I figured Ben would appreciate the camo sock yarn, even if it is acrylic/nylon. I'll work on those in February.

Things I need to get a start on: Womb, and a baby blanket. I plan on using up the rest of my Homespun Baby on that, in the pinwheel pattern. I have until April...heh.

I'm working on swatches for my monthly trade, that's fun. I still hate the slippers and rarely work on them. Oh well. I will do other projects besides them. I just hate the pattern.

Not much new really. The Sims 2 has taken over all of my free time, can't knit!


BlackCrow said...

Your going to make the 'womb' lol, will it be in black? Lol

Shannon said...

Haha, no. Pink...for a baby gift. Cause you know, he will miss his little home when he comes out!