Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Olympics are Finished for Me

Here is my shawl!

I'm so happy I finished on time!! I'm used to both of my Clapotis being a lot wider, but this is really nice as a scarf. I'm sure I'll use it. The pattern was pretty easy, you just needed to pay attention once in awhile.

I totally take it back

I'm done, and it is blocking. It looks really pretty. I probably should have used blocking wires, but I didn't. I just laid it out and it just looked so good I left it that way. No need for ultimate perfection. It's's gonna stretch weird if it feels like it.

I'm SO happy to be done. The house is a huge mess, and the husband is starting to "pile" things in bad places. Like the recycling in the dining room. WTF?

Nevermind. I guess tomorrow I'll be knitting on that baby sweater!

Another post when I have photos ;)

Math freaking sucks

Okay, I'm on chart 7 of 8. Woo! That means 48 rows till I bind off.

Except I can't make it freaking work! I've knit the row 3x now. Just not enough (or too many) stitches. WTF? I'm so frustrated.


Time to try to put in a life line I guess and figure it out manually stitch by stitch. I wasn't off in chart 6, so I don't know what my issue is. K4tog is knitting 4 together right? Sheesh.

[edit] obviously I just needed to bitch and add a lifeline, because all is good now that I can read. Har har.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting there

Okay, I have 8 more inches in the long stretch till I start the lace charts. I have until 11:59 am on Sunday to finish this all. Eek! It took 3 days to do the lace chart on the other end, so really, I need to be done 8 inches in 2 days plus starting the decreases. Hrm. Oh, and that whole blocking thing. Really, if I bind off, that is really damn finished to me. I'm not nit-picky. A lace shawl on size 2 needles in 17 days? Okay, that deserves a gold.

Makes me want to stay up late and knit! Almost, I'm exhausted. Ugh. I have to hustle, but today it looks like I could actually do it! I'm inspired now!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's shrinking

So I'm trying to bust my butt to get back on track. I WAS 1" away from mid point, and now I'm 3" away. Did I rip back? Nope. Just the knitting black hole at work.


I slept weird so my neck and back is all messed up. I'm on a heating pad, wondering where the heck my stitches are going!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Knitting my little fingers off.

So I'm not knitting as fast as projected. This is bothering me. I'm 10" into the 42" middle stretch, and this is behind. I need 3 days to finish the final triangle. Hrm. I'm sure I'll knit more on the weekend, and then Ben is gone to Chicago on the 19th, so I have a bit of time to veg out and do that.

For those who thought I was a speedy knitter, I'm obviously not. There are people who have completely blocked and finished lace weight shawls. How? I have no freaking idea. Really. I don't think I could be done if I didn't have a full time job, had to work out, or had to sleep. Hrm.

It is also really bugging me that I have a UFO. I know, I'll live. I really need to think about going out of the house for buttons for the thing. The craft stores in this state blow for that kinda stuff. However, one of the knitting shops is right beside a shop that has a ton of buttons, I'm sure I can find plain black buttons in either. I wonder if I can match up the pink. Hrm.

Thinking of baby #2, who turned out to be a girl as well. Pink isn't the best bet for this momma, as she's not very into it. I'm thinking a little baby kimono or cardigan for this tyke, but unsure of the colour. She's excited she might have a redhead who will look cute in purple. There's always that!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Oopsie, I went yarn shopping.

So I made the trek out to St. Peters (again) because the first time I didn't buy enough yarn. No, really. 6 skeins is not enough. So I added 7 more to my Urban Silk stash and 6 more to my Amaizing corn stash. They didn't have any more Frog Tree in black or else I would have bought that out too.

Now I have 10 delicious skeins of Urban Silk, and I don't know what to make. I'm a few short for the Holly jacket, so hrm. Maybe I'll just sit it all on my lap and contemplate.

SO meme!

Stolen from Becka I thought this was a really fun MeMe. Have your significant other fill it out ;)
What is your favourite thing about my knitting?

It keeps you sane.

What is your least favourite thing about my knitting?

Being snapped at " I'M COUNTING! " :D

What is something I have knitted, that you recall as good?

My Matrix binary scarf. :D

Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?

Not any worse then my hobbies.

Any hobbies?

Comic collecting

Do you have a stash of any kind?

I can answer that or I get arrested. *laugh*

Have I ever embarrassed you, knitting in public?


Do you know my favourite kind of yarn?


Can you name another blog?

Do you mind my wanting to stop at knit shops wherever we go?


Do you understand the importance of a swatch?


Do you read my blog?

Of course.

Have you ever left a comment?


Do you think the house would be cleaner if I didn't knit?


Anything you'd like to add?

Nope. *grin*

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Button whoops

So I got some really kickass skull and crossbone buttons for the baby sweater. I was so happy! I bought some bigger ones for me too! Then I got them, and they are just way too big. Bummer. I guess I need some little black buttons or something for this. Not too hard to find, its just I really thought these ones were cute.

Oh well.

I'm trying to fight the urge to start my Olympics project. So hard to wait! I do have half a sweater to finish, so I should work on that anyway. The motifs got a bit messy on the back but well, its the back. I'm liking the pink and black. I'll get a photo soon, its just been hard to sit down and take a photo when it is light out. I've started jogging again, so I have to do that when it is light out since I've been doing it outside, and all of my workout gear is black ;)