Thursday, December 22, 2005

Need, want, must have.

I'll be stalking this site until I get a damn chart ;)

SO nice. While I just want the chart, the whole thing is pretty damn nifty.

Stolen photo, but at least I'm hosting it myself :P

Lace weight skulls. Mmm...oh that reminds me, I still need to get those cute bats from Walkers 3rd book! Yay for after xmas shopping!


Elspeth said...

Not fond of spiders, but I love the gloves, and you know I love the donut!

Pink skulls?

BlackCrow said...

Oh I love the spider gloves and the slit throat necklace!
It should be interesting to see the skull chart.
Pink skulls, they remind me of mexican paper cut outs and sugar skulls.

Renata said...

If you don't have the 3rd Barbara Walker book yet, I got a copy for xmas and I'd be willing to copy and send you the patterns.

Renata (x SP)