Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I found this. And I'll be using the Spun Bamboo yarn I have. If it works in silk, it pretty much will work in bamboo. At least I think so. I ordered more (needed another skein, ordered 2) so all should be good. And hey, if the black dyelots don't work out, I'll just dye em again.

Gotta love knitting in black!

Too busy keeping warm to take pictures!

My LionBrand Baby scarf and mitts. I have been wearing them constantly (well the scarf, the mittens turned out a bit big and it isn't that cold out). I'm suprised on how much I like the scarf. Big and bulky, and warm.

Hey, they got me through a move in a snow storm. Can't be all bad.

Now I need a new project. I feel that the hooded scarf is just too winter. I did a repeat on the binary scarf, so I'm on 14/60. So slow.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm so embarrassed.

Okay, so I haven't been knitting much. If you read my knitting blog (or lack thereof) you can figure that out. It is either I'm not knitting, or I'm knitting so much that I don't have time to document my flurry of needles and yarn. I'm too much of a finished project ho to not show off, so it is the lack of knitting.

Anyway, I'm trying to be witty here. To make up for something sick I need to just spit out. I need to just do it. It won't be the obvious part of the sentence that makes me embarrassed either.

I am having a great time knitting a garter stitch scarf in homespun.

Lets look at this:

great time + knitting = duh! Of course
garter stitch scarf = I've never knit one before. It is actually not so bad on size 15s with doubled yarn! It is kind of fun.
homespun = dread, but it isn't that bad. I'm more embarrassed of knitting a garter stitch scarf on size 15s!

So yes, instead of knitting my mittens mate (which was in my bag) I am 90% done a garter stitch scarf. It will be done by the time the "wintery mix" hits us.

I'll still finish the mitten, but right now, simplicity is rocks my socks!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh bother.

So it has been bone chilling cold in St. Louis. Okay, I know it is worse up north, but come on...cold is COLD. So cold my husband stole my car mittens (that steering wheel is cold in the am!) and I had to pull out my too small mittens.

This morning I vowed to use my crappy baby homespun to make some mittens and a scarf that would keep a tropical bird warm. Because really, I'm not going to use it for something cool or innovative, and I just bought too much.

And today it is BALMY out. Yes, it snowed last night, and was cold. Today, sunny and 43. I haven't started on my hooded scarf. This is a fast project, but it got warm! How am I supposed to be inspired to use leftover violet and white homespun when it isn't even that cold out anymore?

I REALLY need to send out my soap of the month. I really need to pack. I really need to make March's soap. I really need to pack! I really need to sleep through the night and for work to calm down a bit.

I REALLY need to knit!