Sunday, December 04, 2005

Buffy, the bunny slayer.

So I put a blue bow on Buffy. This pattern is eeh. From Knitty, I can't complain because it was free. "Bubby" is just not a proper bunny name. I also did a half assed job on the ears, but hey, I was already disliking the pattern by then.

Trying to use my my Andean Silk, since it has wool in it. It didn't work, this little one barely made a dent :(


Elspeth said...

Yours looks just like mine, it's amazing how similar in color the yarns are! Of course I still have half to go. I think I have one or two of my size 3 dpns left, since they disappeared.

BlackCrow said...

Boy I thought my bunny was weird. Lol, sorry but he is kinda funny.

I've been trying to get onto the black sheep
KAL, for some time and have left posts here and there, is it still going?
I've put up a link to it.
Anyway have a look at my site and you can have a giggle at my roadkill bunny!

BlackCrow said...

Do you think the ribbon is a bit tight around bunny's neck?

Shannon said...

Its actually really loose, you decrease to like 6 stitches. Not an amazing pattern.