Sunday, April 30, 2006

Honeymoon Cami

Honeymoon Cami,
GGH Safari (linen and nylon
Size 5 needles

This one I offically screwed up myself. I went increase crazy, and had to make a size larger for the top. Okay, no worries. Then, since it was so big on top, by the time I got to the icord, there was NO way in hell I was going to have a vneck at my belly button (in reality, I finished it, sewed it up and then noticed, of course). Ugh. I had to frog back 10 rows to get something more modest (as you can see in my world, modest is a relative term). Okay, I could cr*chet a border around it but honestly, I don't like it that much.

So this looks how I pictured Soleil (that didn't turn out). I'll wear it today, and see about it.

Ben takes crappy photos, sorry!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Boredom? I don't know.

I got inspired to change my blog layout.

So I did.

Uh, it took awhile. Good thing I have Wednesdays off! Hah!

I also made a couple SP8 buttons. I broke down and joined. My fave is in the sidebar.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not much new in the knitting world

Things are going the same. Still working on the honeymoon cami. It would probably be done if it looked better. I mean, linen looks like CRAP until its blocked. Really. I did block my swatch and it looks good, but damn it looks bad unblocked. For some reason, I ended up with too many increases (and I counted too!), so I had to decrease a bit, and now the top is a size larger than the bottom. This is actually not a bad thing, since my waist is considerably smaller than my chest.

I'm not having a very good time convincing myself I'm going to wear this high maintenance yarn (re: handwash and air dry) semi sheer top too much. Therefore, its slow going.

I'm kinda eyeing Green Gables next, but more stockinette on circs might just send me over the edge. I still want to make a One Skein Wonder for work, but I need yarn for that and I can't buy any till next week. Not that I'll be done my cami by then. Yawn.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A few links

Be my Frappr Friend

I have a group too! Just because I'm avoiding making html newsletters. Ew.

I think I forgot to mention.

I think I forgot to mention a few non knitting things. I'm assuming everyone knows the first one:

1. I moved to St. Louis
2. I kept my job in CA for over a month, while being almost immediately hired at a new company locally. (I just quit the CA job recently, it was awesome)
3. My brother moved down here, probably for good. He's living in one of my sunrooms. I like it, he's domesticated and cooks and cleans. I'll lend him out to single American women friends!
4. Because of #3, I need to get naturalized in order to sponsor him to live here, or find him a wife. Unfortunately, he's still married, so looks like its on me to swear on the stars and stripes.
5. I'm in a depressed state of being mostly because of #4, but it's family, and you do things like give up your current citizenship for them
6. I'm thinking of picking up another pt job (current one is pt, and I like it) at a comic book shop purely for the discount on my husbands 150+ montly titles he collects.

I think that's it besides little things like buying rollerblades and trying not to buy yarn in April.

And for knitting, I'm on bust increases for the cami. Wow, this thing NEEDS to be blocked. It looks like crap. I did block my swatch and it looks nice, but um, sheer. Now, anyone who knows me knows this is NO problem as I am generally half naked showing off my tattoo. However, I did buy a tank top to go underneath it, just in case I want to wear it to a fancy restaurant or something (I initally typed "church", then laughed a lot, then backspaced over it).

Monday, April 17, 2006


Dear Webs,

Why do you post TONS of awesome sale yarn (in black) when I said I wasn't spending money this month? Not to mention I have NO MONEY to spend.

You really want me to start selling off that mouthless cat crap I have huh? Fine, be that way. Tomorrow I'll get my ass in gear.

Will sell Hello Kitty junk (to me) for yarn money ;) And then wait till May 1st. Bummer.


Friday, April 14, 2006


Elspeth rocks my socks! She sent me a great package, and just when I needed it. I was having a cruddy day, and my brother handed me a package that came in the mail! Look at that cone of cotton yarn! Soooo nice!

So I ran around the house all night, blowing those fun party toys and thinking of what to knit with my new yarn :) Green Gable will be the cone or the Handwork Cora I believe. I'm loving that pattern.

But until then, I still have to finish my Honeymoon Cami. I'm not loving the Safari, but it washes up nice and I'll wear it. I might need a double v (front and back) strappy cami for it. Another reason to go shopping!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Kate Gilbert Bunny

A Kate Gilbert Bunny, in black of course. Would look cuter with a fuzzy yarn, or felted, but I used the black simply soft leftovers. The flash makes him look holey, but he's not that bad in person. He likes baseball!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I was doing so well.

Okay, I read all of my knitting blogs (that are non livejournal) via bloglines. I'm lazy and don't update my sidebar with what I read.

Bloglines and blogger are being a pain in the butt. Looks like I SHOULD update my sidebar, so at least I know some urls! Sheesh.

Oh wait, I'm "working". What was I thinking! I shouldn't read knitting blogs at work! Hah! Its really the IT department blocking my feeds!

If only they could figure that out. *sigh*

And on a knitting note. I'm on the bunny's arms. I haven't knit much in the past few days. Hey, at least I printed out the Honeymoon Cami pattern.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Well then.

Bummer on the new Knitty. I like Cookie's socks but that's about it. I'm not into socks lately. Blah.

Maybe something will grow on me, but probably not.

I'll just make the Honeymoon Cami after my bunny.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kitty Toys

Kitty Toys from Stich N Bitch Nation. I'm allowed to say that right? Hehe. Made with leftover Araucania Nature Cotton from the Jayne Hat. The ball has a bit more of a flair with 3 icords for Bella to attack.

Plus, it counts for Project Spectrum! Knitting with colour, what a concept.

Black bunny has legs, that's about it!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Panta. From Leftover Caron Simply Soft. In fact, I still have some, and I think I'm going to work on a few cat toys. Or bunny toys. Depends on which animals get attached to them first.

I need to make a bunny too.

Cabled Tank

Cabled Tank Top. Made in Caron Simply Soft (to be able to wash it!). Needle sizes 8, 9, 10, 10.5 and 11. *phew*

Pros: This looks MUCH better on than in photos. I couldn't get a good photo of the back without it bunching up from me running to my photo spot before the camera went off. It doesn't generally look so bulky. I think. Also, my skirt is very large, so it kind of billows at my stomache now. I need to go shopping.

Cons: The pattern repeat. I paid for this pattern, so I'm going to bitch. If I had read the pattern (half my fault I guess) I would have noticed that it ends with a p3, and begins with a p3 at the beginning of the next round. If the last 3 stitches were removed, it would have nice EVEN cables around. I opted to put the p6 in the back, and use it as a marker for front vs back. Maybe lace some pretty ribbon in it. Maybe. I'm still kinda peeved.

All in all, I'm looking forward to Cala :)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Use what you have month.

This group is about making a commitment to a month free of craft supply purchases. When you make the commitment you can post your name in that month's discussion thread, and then post pictures of the wonderful things you make using just what you already have in your stash.

A brilliant idea. I plan on using what I have in April. I'm not going to suffer from it, that's for sure!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I didn't really sign up.

So I wasn't going to "Flash your Stash". In fact, I'm still not. My Stash is always here as meager and boring as it is. I have a tub of black, and a tub of other (okay I admit they aren't mini tubs, but I think I have the smallest stash out of any knitters I know). Pretty pathetic, but I tend to like to buy for projects, not randomly.

I'm obsessing over the ballet t-shirt in loop d loop today. I don't know why, I just REALLY want to knit it.

In black.

Of course.

Since my stash is always so small, it means I get to buy whatever I want to make it out of for the moment! Its all part of my master plan ;)