Thursday, May 19, 2005

London Beanie, A day in LA

Well, I flew to LA for the day for E3, a video game conference. It was kickass. I couldn't bring my huge cartigan on the plane (and lug it around all day with me) so I broke my cardinal rule and started another project.

Hey, with all the delays on the way back, I finished it before I got off of the plane!

Okay, its GREEN and BROWN. To be more specific: Knitpicks Andean Silk (Alpaca, Silk, Wool blend) with the London Beanie pattern. I'm exhausted from yesterday and I'm too lazy to colour correct. Also, I did the whole thing on DPN's because I wasn't getting it to work out well on the Denise set. A itty bitty bit of laddering that would be fine if I wanted to block it. Its only for Ben, and I don't think he cares honestly.

Am I still sensitive to the 22% wool, or am I allergic to Alpaca? I've worked with WoolEase (20% wool) and been "okay". Symptoms were light compared to straight wool with this. I had the itchy watery eyes, congestion (but even close to being as bad as with 100% wool, I could still breathe), but I didn't break out in rashes all over my hands (and other places the wool touched).

Its really soft. I don't think Ben appreciates it. I understand because I think its ugly as sin (I randomly did stripes and such) but it will keep his damn noggin warm. Now its up to him to test it out to see if HE is okay with Alpaca, and to see if he likes the pattern (its a bit short, she doesn't like them covering his ears, so it should work).

Now, back to my Angelina!


Elspeth said...

I think it looks great, and Ben should be happy to have a warm head! (Of course if you could just knit him a Kangol I think he'd be fine ... maybe a jaunty beret?!)

lidabit said...

good job! It's nice to be able to knock something out quickly, and especially if you're stuck with plane delays... I hope alpaca works for one of us!

Lu said...

wow, that was fast!