Friday, September 19, 2008

Batty Wristlets

Okay, I kind of cast on for a new wristlet project off the cuff (ha ha) since I had this microspun staring me down. I found a cool pattern and just went for it. I'm not one for pink, but these are going to be excellent in the car, at least for touching the cold steering wheel. Hell, I might give them away. Who knows. The pattern is a bit sloppy, because my jogless join that never fails, fails in microspun for some odd reason. So I didn't even bother on the second and it looks the same. Hrm.

I plan on casting on tonight for the Deep Breath Sweater from webs. It is pretty much a top down raglan plain sweater on a bigger gauge than the yarn. Also, you do the sleeves as you hit them, then finish the body. That sounds fun!


The best thing about this was the yarn. This Classic Elite Blithe is just so amazing. I love it. However, it is expensive as hell, so the most I would shell out for is a few skeins for a scarf I think. It is really nice and super easy to knit with. I'd love a sweater out of it, but I'm cheap and well, I probably wouldn't wear it anyway.

The pattern is from magknits, and I used the way back machine to get it. It is a bit short in the wrist, but pretty nice. Hard to knit in public since you have to count pattern rows and other rows at the same time. But I'm easily confused, so don't judge me on that ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Very pathetic.

I've been done my Vine wristwarmers since Sunday and haven't hooked my camera up yet. Also, I'm 80% done my bat ones and haven't felt like doing much. If I finish them tonight, I can toss them in the wash and get a pretty picture for y'all! Then maybe cast on for a sweater.

Who knows?

I'm pretty pathetic though that I can't even plug in my camera. Hah. I should really do that. Look forward to at lest 2 FO posts tomorrow or soon ;)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The rain was delayed, but it hit today

Everybody thought the storm had passed. Nah, it was just late. So with torrential downpours last night I slept mostly on the couch trying to comfort our cat that howls at all hours. This lack of sleep thing is getting to me. I'm so tired I didn't knit this week really. How pathetic is that?

I still have half a handwarmer to make. Good thing I'm going to knitting today. I ended up buying some Baby Uggs at work since I didn't really feel like trying the bootie thing again for this kidlet. I'm bad. I get a good discount okay? And the mama loves her Uggs. I hate them, you know, lined with death (sheep) and all. But hey, I'm a good gift giver. Plus, they are pink.

And a quick Hello to a new stalker, my tea pal. I also have a blog on Livejournal which is mostly a Twitter feed because I'm lazy. I also have a baking blog that I always forget to update. Hah.

Okay, maybe I'll dig out my knitting so it is ready to go this afternoon.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


If I thought that the baby Ugg boots turned out huge, these will fit a 6 year old. Probably not finishing the second. Or the icord. The foot is just HUGE.

UGH. That is my iPhone beside it. Seriously. The foot is ridiculous. I can't give a newborn sweater and a 2 yr old toddler bootie. Oh well, I tried. The cat will get a new catnip pillow ;)

Punk Rawk Baby Sweater

How many weeks did it take me to sew on some freaking buttons? Ack. I'm horrible with buttons. Make out of 1 and a little bit of a skein of black microspun and not so much pink. I kind of winged it, which is fine. It's for a baby!

I'm a little over half done my vine wristlets and I cast on for some darn baby booties last night. Yes, I have 2 WIPs, no matter now small that is just crazy talk for me!

So the baby booties match this sweater, and I'll post a pic of them together when they are done. You know, if I knit again this week! Hehe! I figured if I could turn out some booties, I can start the Feb Lady Sweater for me guilt free!

I now have 3 babies at work though. 1 purple gal and 2 very irish kidlets (twins). Looks like lots of little projects!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Knitting with Camel is Yummy

I've been slacking on knitting. The olympics really took a lot out of me. Okay. I'm totally lying. My game got resurfaced and now I'm allowed to pay the xbox again. *hangs head in shame*.

I have 99% of a baby sweater done. I just need buttons and I'm really lazy about that. I'm not sure if I should make the booties to match, or some cute wrist warmers for the mommy in the same colours. She does live in SF and they might be handy. Obviously I'm stalling on the booties. They are done with duplicate stitch and I'm not too into that but not sure if I have the attention span to include the chart into the booties. I'm a sloppy stitcher.

So I've been working on little fingerless wrist warmers for myself to see how the camel yarn I have knits up. I love it so far. And after weighing the first one, I probably could have made something bigger. Oh well. Stupid yardage requirements. I didn't want to spend another $15 for being a few yards short. I had to get the pattern via the wayback machine because it was on magknits. It gets confusing as you have to follow a pattern for half and a line count and change for half. The way it printed out it is on the wrong side of the page. Whoops. So paying attention is an issue. I brought it to a bbq last week and couldn't get much done with all the flipping and having 2 row counters. If I ever write a pattern, I'll write it out. I swear.

I really want to cast on for the Feb Lady Sweater next, but I should knit something for punk baby or something for purple baby. I got yarn for a sweater and cute maryjane booties for that kidlet too. Or a coffee cozy. I have to talk myself into any new project it seems. Maybe I'll just take over the world instead. Hah!