Friday, November 11, 2005

Sirdar Snowflake Sweater

The muppet sweater. Its big and fuzzy and muppet-like. Now, I have to say, why is everything I knit, and get gauge on (YES, I checked the gauge on this) too big? Am I a retard who can't measure? I mean, I take my measurements monthly. When making garments, if it has my exact bust size, I generally make that size. This is HUGE on me. I knit a 39" and I have a 38" bust. This will fit my xxl friends fine. Its a nice comfy sweater, but not what I thought it was going to be. I was worried it would be too tight! Hah.

This one will go in the washer and dryer. And no, I didn't "block it out" because it would have been insanely huge. The only other alteration is that I skipped 2 rows on the neckline, for a deeper v-neck. I forgot it would add to less shoulder space, but eh, I like that too. Overall, it looks cute with jeans, half falling off of me. I think.


Elspeth said...

So, did you shrink it yet? Did it work? It looks great either way -- you could wear it with a shirt underneath if it is still too big.

Shannon said...

I put it in the washer AND dryer and it didn't shrink :( I guess I just have a big comfy sweater.