Monday, July 31, 2006


I wasn't impressed with "Molly Ringwald" in the new Knitscene. Until I saw kathyruth's version on craftster!

It's actually kinda cute! Very me without the lame blouse underneath. I need to look this up again!

No new knitting news. I'm sick, but at work. So when I get home tonight I'll likely lay on the couch too tired to knit (That is after cooking dinner, doing laundry, wrapping up soap and packing up all the soap of the month subscriptions). I am almost done the darn feather and fan! Webs has shipped my yarn for my sweater. I ordered WAY too much. But really, can you ever have too much Soy Silk? I didn't think so either.

Also, I need some beads for said soy silk, and an itty bitty crochet hook. I didn't like any of the carry along yarns. No, I won't wear sequins. But black irridescent beads? Oh ya. I think my seed beads are too small (11s I think).

I can't believe it is 100 degrees out and I have a damn cold. I rarely get sick!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm crossposting.

I'm crossposting from my regular journal, aka non-knitting journal because it has to do with knitting. A friend asked to see my stash, and since I left work to work from home I took a current pic.

Black stash

"Other" colours.

It's getting pretty darn big for the girl that doesn't stash. Whoops!

Okay, I'm working now, really!!

Monday, July 24, 2006


I didn't mean to sound cryptic or confuse people in my last post. The words "Knitters Review" were a link to what I was so peeved about.

Link here.

Just the old "I'm allergic to wool, but not merino/whatever else that is wooly" crap.

In other news, I'm not knitting much. I'm bored with my feather and fan thing, and I really want to start that Stitch Diva sweater. Grr. This week supposedly. But then I have to buy the yarn. Figures.

Hey, what can I say, it's monday. At least I have cookies. Mmm...cookies!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I need to just stop reading Knitters Review.

It just makes me an angry bitch. And that's not polite!

Pretty much on the knitting front, I'm waiting for the new Glampyre pattern to come out on Stitch Diva. Of course, it doesn't have yardage, so I have to wait to buy yarn or use what I have. Grr. I love this damn pattern.

I think I might make Sizzle next, and hope I have enough yarn. Maybe not. I'm still deep in feather and fan world.


Dear Knitpicks,

I thought we had an understanding! You produced nice cottons for the summer, and pretty alpaca yarn for the winter. What the hell is up with all the new yarns for fall having wool in them? Do you really not like my money? Is it because I returned my Knitting Nature book?

Fine. Be that way. I didn't need to spend money anyway.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Everyone's Doing it?

Well, whoopsie. I ran out of yarn. I didn't think it would be that small. Hah.

I was done this Friday, but just got around to posting about it tonight. It's cotton, it's tight. Eh, oh well.

No harm done. I'm still on a "use up stash" spree, and I'm making a feather and fan shawl (or blanket, depends on how much yarn I REALLY have on that cone) out of the purple space dyed nylon fake mohair stuff. Of course I started it on Friday and haven't really knit much this weekend.

I was bathing suit shopping. I completely flaked on knitting on Sunday because it took 2 days. Ugh. I finally have a pool suit, and a few on order from online. At least now I can do laps and my top not come off. See, that is a problem when you have the wrong size suit, and er, I don't need the extra attention.

On another note, I think I just made the best butter tarts ever. And you won't understand if you don't eat Canadian food. My brother has inhaled 5, that's a good sign. Unfortunately, I only made 16!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Okay, I bought this pattern

I couldn't help it. Sexy tank! Here's the problem (or 2):

I wanted to make it out of the SWT Beyond I got from Hollis, but I only have 4 balls. Okay, I don't want to make the 38, because the final is 39", and since 90% of the things I make end up too big, I'll go down to the 34. That ends up being 3" negative ease, and its a bit scary, but I'm making it out of cotton. It should hug and stay there. If I make the 34, I *might* have enough yarn. You see, I don't know. If I calculate the balls and yardage I get 600, and I have exactly that. If I look at the yardage requirements, it's 650.

If I go up to my size, I definetely don't have enough.

I bought this yarn for the Cream Tea tank. Which I kinda hate now. Now, logically, if I can make a tank that covers the schmeebs that much with a high neckline, I can make one that is low cut with the same amount of yarn, ne? Okay, it has lace, but I'm ignorning that. You see, my Beyond isn't black, it's navy. Therefore dyelots do count, but I could end up needing it just for the neckline and armholes, right?

Ugh. I hate decisions like this! Maybe I should just wait until my knitpicks return gets processed (I returned Knitting Nature), and make it out of shine sport. Or mess with the Hand Work Cora I have to get gauge, or buy something.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


This weekend I didn't really knit. It was our anniversary, and I decided to acknowledge my dear husband's existance for a change. I mean, I notice he's there most of the time, but he generally has a book or a laptop glued to his face. This weekend was a nice change from that.

Since there isn't much "knitting" news, I did get a super great awesome package from my Secret Pal 8!

It rocks so much from the gummy eggs (so weird) to the Lenore comics right down to the bunny stitch markers. Oh, and check out the scarf she made me! Nice!

And I need a perfect pattern for that lovely stuff! My SP8 rocks!!!