Friday, June 24, 2005

Boobholder: Does its Job!

Ahh, the Minisweater is finished! Made of approx. 1.5 skeins of Cotton Ease. Started it on Tuesday morning and finished it on Thursday night. I did knit more than normal, so that's why it was such a quick knit. It was really fun to make! I didn't do any modifications to the pattern, and it fits.

Took my own pics in the bathroom (yes, its Day of the Dead themed)

Beautiful allergy eyes. Aaah, nothing like itchy watery eyes in the morning.

The back. Of course everytime I take a pic of something it looks sheer. Its not.

And I cast on for To Dye For, from Stitch N' Bitch. My current chest is 40. The medium is 40, but I wasn't so sure if I should be so exact, so I cast on for the large. The large is 43. Whatever. Its going to be sheer and fluffy and it would make a great gift if I can't stand to wear it.

Meet To Dye For, she's purple:


Elspeth said...

It fits! So jealous ... but at least I do have 4 skeins of cotton ease so I can start mine soon!

Lu said...

If its and it is so cute! Are you going to wear it on Tuesday?

Shannon said...

That's at least 2 of them Elspeth! Lu: Hell ya. I think this one (once I adjust the button) will get a lot of wear. Its really comfy!

Elspeth said...

did you find the pattern to be difficult, or was it easy after reading 24 pages of notes? any tips?

Shannon said...

The pattern is fine if you just take it line by line. Theh sleeve sections aren't on the outside, that's the front. It goes body/sleeve/back/sleeve/body. When you figure that out, its easy. If you do make it and have questions, I'll help you out no worries! :)

lidabit said...

cute! I may have to make that... and I love To Dye For - another something I want to make one of these days.