Friday, December 19, 2008


Oh hey! I didn't have to rip it out because as I was reading the instructions they are the same up until the point where I finished.

I read them as I was frogging, and now I don't know what row I was on.

Hahah. That totally blows.

Probably a bad time to be thinking about sizing.

So I'm knitting on the Feburary Lady Sweater. All of a sudden this morning in the car I think "hmm, I wonder if I'm knitting the right size?".

So I'm knitting the Small. The SMALL is a 41" bust. My chest (36") is smaller than the EXTRA SMALL size (37.5). Does this biotch need ease?

WHY am I not knitting the XS? Because for fucks sake people, I am NOT an XS. I KNOW I should have cast on by the measurements but that seems stupid.

Should I frog it?

Pros to being big:
1. It's cotton, I can put it in the washer and dryer and it will probably then fit. I think this was my original plan

2. I won't have weird gaping at the closure.

3. I won't have to rip it out. I'm over a ball into knitting it

Cons to being big:
1. It will fall off if it doesn't shrink in the wash

2. I will never wear it (but that is pretty likely anyway)

3. I'm gaining weight, so it would be depressing to have this be too small

I don't know. This cotton isn't a dream to work with. I'm thinking it might shrink up and wash really nice though. It is a top down, so technically I can edit or stop while it is fitting, just make sure I have the proper number for the lace.

What a pain in the ass pattern. Seriously people, I'm a 10-12, not an XS.

[edit] Why am I even contemplating this. I'll rip it out tonight *sigh* The XS is even "big". Jeeze.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Robin's Dark Blue Hat

I love this hat! Good thing I finished it on Sunday with a bunch of knitters since I was on a stockinette spree and read the directions wrong. Had to frog a few inches to make it normal size, but that's okay. I might have made it 5 inches instead of 5.5 but I really like it covering my ears currently with this horrible weather. This alpaca is so beautiful. I hate taking photos indoors since they always turn out fuzzy for me, but hey, I needed to show off my hat!

And then a pic with my husband, because he wanted to know what the hell I was doing in the bathroom ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Take a Deep Breath

Finally finished! This turned out fab. What a boring knit though. It has pretty cool construction where you knit the arms before the body, but it is all still top down and one piece. I used less than half of my cone, which means I have enough for the other sweater (Vintage Vest) that calls for this yarn. I didn't do any modifications which is weird. Maybe I would have made it an inch longer, but really, I'm pleased.

I can't believe it took me so long. Crazy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm just sayin'

If a new Knitty is released, maybe it would be awesome to pre-populate Ravelry or something so at least a few people can see the damn photos that day.

In other news, I have been done with my sweater for days, I just need a photo. It was wet for one of those days and today I had to take pictures of my mini chocolate orange bundt cakes instead. The sacrifices I make in the morning are harsh.

So I'll probably have a pic up in a day or two ;)

Monday, December 08, 2008

No really, I'm still knitting the same sweater

I feel like such a bad blogger, but really nothing new is happening. However after just measuring it looks like I'm a few inches from finishing this damn sweater!

Good thing I swatched out my next 5 projects on Sunday!

Yep 5 (I think I have 8 that have the yarn pulled out of storage). I figured I might as well be organized so I can get ready for my trip. 2 international flights plus 5 hours on a train probably make for a bit of knitting time. And only one of them is a sweater, the others are all smaller projects. I'm pretty excited about smaller projects.

Not that I'm going to get to them all, but I was a boy scout when I was little. (No, really, I was a boy scout, I got badges and stuff, my mom was the leader, muahah!). Be prepared. What happens if I run out of things to knit? *gasp*. Okay, I could go shopping I guess, but that is the easy way out.