Friday, February 29, 2008

The Best Blankie Guilt

Once upon a time there was a 5 year old who had a troubled time. She went through many phases. One of them was biting. Biting others, biting herself, biting things. Like blankies. A little vampire in the making.

So the little girl saw the error of her ways, and wanted to commission a new blankie. She wanted it made just for her, and promised that she wouldn't eat it. Her mom found a wonderful talented knitter to guilt into making a new 'Best Blankie' for her. The knitter of course panicked at the machine made 8 sts per inch pattern, and told the mom that it would have to be a bit bigger gauge. She sent the yarn home to have the little miss approve of the squish and the colour (it had to be just the right colour) and the little miss approved, even of the gauge change. The stiches would be bigger because there would be more love put into them. Little miss is very excited.

A little bit of the blankie that wasn't dead. Poor blankie.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So this turned out pretty cool. Mad out of Caron Simply Soft Shadows, the leftovers from my Gretel. The button is pretty cool, I didn't have much of a choice at the LYS though. It doesn't go well with my current jacket, but hey, I can buy a new one to go with my knit goods ;)

Tree Jacket

I LOVE this sweater. Too bad I couldn't get a clear photo. Anyway, I wore it all day and just love it. The Berrocco Comfort is really great to work with, and it has been through the washer already (to block it) and seems to wash up well.

Damn, it is comfy and warm too. I LOVE it! Hehe! So worth the stockinette in the round.

Tea Swap!

Take a look at my kickass Mug (and yarn) swap that happened over on Ravelry. I got a kickass pal who totally spoiled me. The bunny mug? Oh ya. Totally me. In fact, she did just an amazing job. Even got some Canadian chocolate tucked in that photo, and Tilli Tomas yarn. The blue is just amazing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On a Roll

Tree Jacket finished? Check

Tudora finished? Check

Next project picked out? Check

The Tree Jacket is trying to dry in the basement since I decided to block it a bit. You know what? I LOVE it! The Tudora knit up fast too, but the weather is so crappy out there is no way I'd get a decent photo. Maybe this afternoon/evening.

Next project? Well, I want some more bulky mittens since my rings get caught in my Spidey Mitts. Also, I have a baby blanket to replace. The old one is shreds really, and 8sts per inch. I'm hoping that the yarn I chose will be squishy enough for the 5 year old customer, and the gauge is okay too (I'm going with 5sts per inch). She knows it isn't a full replica...hrm. Working for kids makes me nervous! This one is all about the colour, so I'm sending a skein home with her mom to see if she likes it or not before I even start.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One sleeve down

Okay, now that I have a full sleeve knit, I've committed and need to get the other one done? Yarn yardage, doesn't look so good. Good thing they carry the yarn at the LYS, and it is black so a dye lot difference shouldn't be very obvious.

18 inches to go. Eww.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The plague got me

OMG, I was so sick Thursday evening to today. UGH. I had the plague from hell. I was embarassed that I was taken down by a cold. I didn't knit, I didn't play video games, I didn't eat much either. I was so sick I couldn't sleep.

Funny, I was hoping my sleeves would knit themselves. But they didn't. So I'll have to work on that. I'm at the tail end of the plague, maybe I'll knit a few rows tonight. Or maybe I'll catch up on sleep.

Stupid boring sleeves.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not very exciting when knitting a sleeve.

Things just aren't very exciting when you are knitting sleeves. Nope. They take forever, I think I have 4-5" out of 19 done on the first sleeve. Woo woo.

However, I went to the LYS on Saturday for my tea pal (*waves*) and was lamenting the pretty sock yarn that was all wool. The owner pointed out they got some non wool sock yarn in, but the colours were Meh. But today I get an email from Webs and it comes in black!.

Not that I want to knit socks currently. But now, I have the option dammit.

Friday, February 01, 2008


So I didn't knit this week, I was busy or something. I don't know. Sweaters can get a bit dull. I know I just need to bust it out but I didn't feel like it. I really want to start and finish Tudora, but I don't want to get sidetracked.

Today is a snow day! The office is closed so I thought "Yay! Knitting!". However, I just shoveled 8 inches of snow, and now have shooting pains in my arms. At least my whining got me a hot chocolate.

So really no knitting for me, and even though the plow totally just snowed my freshly dug out driveway back in, I'm still happy I get a long weekend.