Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bulky Beanie

Making hats is pretty damn fun, mostly because they take nothing to make. This Bulky Beanie is no exception. I thought I was running out of yarn, so I did modify the pattern a bit, but it fits Bens head fine.

My plan on when I get back is to use up some of my scraps for baby hats. Fun!


the knitrider said...

hi there! thanks for your nice comments on the FEFI! im really excited about it! about the waist shaping, its actually kind of funny. i had my husband do the math for me since i coil back in terror of anything number related. here is basically what we did:
i chose to do a 4" waist increase and decrease since the sweater is bulkier and larger.. so where mike figured it out was to knit about 1" to 1.5" up from the bottom, and to start shaping from there. I beleive i decreased 12 stitches in the 3" after that (every other row). then i knit for an inch solid. then for about 6"?? i knit the increases into every 4th row and that was it! if you have more ?s about it, since i am so bad explaining it, you can email me at erika.kas at gmail dot com.
great site by the way, i love your beanies!

toni said...

I really like the colors that you used for this! I looks great!