Thursday, December 01, 2005

Its dead Jim.

Well, I took my camera to St. Louis, and its now dead. Ben is looking for the receipt to see if he bought the extended warranty. I use my camera almost as much as my laptop, so it will be replaced soon, if not fixed.

Since the cartigan (still no buttons, I haven't had time to block it or wash it), I've made a potato chip scarf, and started on a Bubby "bear". Its a rabbit of course... named Buffy. She needs some arms and legs and she's done. Honestly, I don't like the pattern at all. My bunny has this stupid top knot, and if you follow the patten, there's no way in hell you can stuff the head. Fortunately Elspeth made this little one before I did and mentioned that, so I stuffed while I was decreasing.

The potato chip scarf turned out WAYY to short, and I did an extra increase row for some extra rufflage. I'm making up words here. Anyway, 90 stitches wasn't enough to start with for an adult and my yarn but hey, its done. Oh, and it took me 3 hours to cast off. Talk about boring.

Anyway, it goes in the donation pile, with a few other scarves. That damn nylon cone is neverending. Sheesh. I need an interesting scarf pattern so something for it I guess.

Work is insane (still? again?), so not much knitting for me. Figures.


Elspeth said...

That sucks! So do you have a favorite donation site? I think I'll send Bubby (if I ever finish his legs) to Full Thread Ahead, but when I finish my thousand Cotton Ease sweaters I'll need some place to get rid of them probably.

Shannon said...

Nope, no faves here, just when I see a call for items I ship them off!

Secret Pal said...

I'm sorry to hear about your digital camera. I hope it gets fixed/replaced soon! It was a lot of fun being your secret pal- I hope you enjoy the yarn! I had a good time scouring the LYS' in my area looking for something soft and luxurious for you to enjoy. As you can probably guess, I'm a bit of a yarn snob...but there's nothing wrong with that! I hope you swing by my blog and keep in touch.
Renata (your SP6)

Shannon said...

Awesome, I added you to my Livejournal friends list :)