Monday, December 05, 2005

New Knitty.

So, knitty is up and pretty darn cute.

I'm in love with this sweater. Well, the neckline. However, minus the stripes. And I'm unsure about the construction. It just doesn't LOOK like it will fit well, you know? I mean, it looks good on her, but that whole shrug top dealie. You know how they get baggy and weird and not one size fits all crap. Knitting that up into a sweater is just a red flag. I know it is technically sized, but I'm picturing a baggy bit on the back where its attached, kinda like the part I hate on the Hot Lava cartigan.

But I really really like it. Maybe I just need to find another sweater with a similar neckline. Hrm.

Cookie's Sock looks so cool! Nice photography C ;) Do I like Festive? I think I just like the concept, as I have a few tops on my must knit list that look kinda like this. Oh, and then there's Danica, *sigh* but um, that could just be because there's a hot hot bald man in the photo, who is the designer. Yum. Honestly, I could care less if a man knits, its all about the lack of hair ;)

Anyway, nice balanced issue.

OTN: Struggling with gauge (or lack thereof in instructions) for these damn grannie slippers. I'm unsure with how much to pull the stranded yarn behind for the puckered look. 2 tries have turned out too big. Hrm. This was supposed to be a funny joke gift for my brother, but its turning out to be a damn chore!

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