Friday, January 27, 2006

This gives vampires a bad name.

I finished this on Wednesday, but Ben took my camera hostage and forgot it at work.

Off with her head! This requires measurements, and math. Now, its very very easy. Ben took my back measurement. I got gauge. Somehow, Eternal Embrace was pretty damn huge. And it would of layed a bit better, if you didn't have to go down 2 needle sizes for the ribbing. It would have just been big, not poofy in all the wrong places. A quick knit, I now know I will never construct a sweater like this again. Too much room for error in sizing. I'd rather have something too long than too wide. My row gauge was off, BUT it should of made it SMALLER.


Oh a better note, my goodwill towards stash busters got me this in the mail.

Mmm....soft. An excellent price to try out Misti. I know, I know, what kind of Alpaca knitter am I without having knitted (oh boy have I fondled though) Misti Alpaca! Not sure what I'm going to make, but all these colours will look good with black. Heh.

And yesterday, I got my package from Get Knitted! My Rebecca 31 came, and so did this!

Mmm...All Seasons Cotton. The colour is a dark grey, called Slick. It was only £20 for the bag! I call that a deal. I also got a few other balls, but those didn't ship at the same time.

And I like the new Rebecca as well. Then again, I'm a sucker for Rebecca. *sigh*


Elspeth said...

Great minds think alike - grey is my supplemental color of choice this year! I think eternal embrace looks great -- think you can block (wash?) into shape?

Shannon said...

Nope, its just red heart :(

Anonymous said...

*Sneeks up and grabs you*

Well hell I am you SP for the months to come. I would like to introduce myself...

But I cant... I 'll save that for a few months ahead...but for the recoed i do love knitting in black myself to so you know we have that in common*wink*

Cookie said...

Yikes, that's too bad about the fit on that. Anyway you could cut it across and graft it?

That All Seasons Cotton looks scrumptuous.