Monday, January 30, 2006

Okay, I admit it.

I admit it. I'm gothy. And I love frills and such. A lot. I generally don't go this dramatic however:

White Lies Designs is sure to be the death of me. *sigh* AND this one is knit in cotton initally, so I wouldn't have any of the saggy issues that Angelina had.

I think.

Actually, I'm trying not to think, which is the whole reason in posting to my knitting blog.

Ugh, Stiches this year is going to be hell on my pocketbook.


Elspeth said...

So is this the next one (or too plain?)

Elspeth said...

That sucked. It's Elann's "Aran Lace Weight Cropped Cardigan". I think it's on my soon to do list ...

Shannon said...

I really do love that one, but the lack of shaping just gets me. It is really really really cute though!