Monday, January 16, 2006

Coming Along.

Well, the Eternal Embrace is coming along. I'm halfway done the main knitting (I'm in the middle of the neck) but there's picking up collars, edging and such to be done as well. This is a pretty quick knit, since I did start it on Saturday.

Okay, I didn't do anything useful this weekend. Ben is still sick so I sat around and knit.

I'm still wary about the pattern, it just seems weird. I'm 2 st per inch off row gauge, which affects the back, but I'm not even sure if they checked the row gauge or just wrote what was on the yarn. The calculations don't make it easy to change up. So I'm not changing it.

Oh, and for my Secret Pal, my regular "blog" on Livejournal but I don't say much anymore. I knit more and post here than there. Heh.

And does anyone know about this "new" (I'm so abusing quotation marks today) yarn shop in San Mateo?

Nine Rubies Knitting
28 E. 3rd. Ave.
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 685-6408

Someone posted on LJ, and I haven't even seen it. I drive by all the time, it must be pretty damn hidden. Hrm. Okay, I have been taking 2nd Ave. a lot, but sheesh. You'd think I'd notice a yarn shop. Not that I'd go in. For long. My SP however is NOT allergic to wool and likes quality yarn, so um, ya. Looks like I'll be visiting Hollis soon! She keeps such a nice clean shop, I don't die upon entering! Aw yeah!


Joanne said...

Hey, I walk along that area a lot and haven't seen that shop... then again, I don't walk that block of 3rd so much now that there is construction along 3rd on the west side of El Cam...

Anonymous said...

Yup, went there today. Great space, good selection of yarn, and the mother & daughter owners are quite friendly. A friend sent me their website:

Nine Rubies said...

OK, ok. You got us -- there is no sign (yet) on the Nine Rubies Knitting store. Your post is from Day 4 of the place being open, and we decided to open first, get signage later. It's coming.

We are right next door to the Selix formalwear rental shop. And *they* have a sign.

And our phone number is this: 650.685.6205

And the blog is here:

Come on by! We have non-wool yarn.