Friday, January 20, 2006

Just because I'm a shit disturber....

I signed up for the knittyboard SP6.

One of the questions was Do you have any religious beliefs? .

Of course people are getting their panties in a knot. I won't respond to the thread, I'll do it here. My SP will read it eventually.

Relax. You are making the baby Jesus cry with your PCness. I want to know if my pal is kosher, dances with fairies, or worships the tv. I for one would LOVE to receive a note of authenticity written in blood stating that there was a sacrificial ritual done in my honour, but I think it would be above the $50 limit.

Where do you freaks think wool comes from? Sheesh.



No, really.


Elspeth said...

They had that in the mellow SP as well. I wasn't sure what to answer. Brad is an atheist after years of Cathlolic school and I'm just not sure. Also not sure how it should impact sending people yarn, but maybe it is to keep people of like minds together? I guess not, since the person I got to spoil listed "Christian" and I don't think I did.

BlackCrow said...

Hi Shannon, you should knit the JUJU doll from Anticraft for your SP;)