Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Grr #1897

"I'm allergic too. Like you wouldn't believe. Last time I tried on a wool sweater in a store I went home with welts. Yum. So when I started knitting I felt the same. Love the wool, hate the way it feels. But not all wools are created equal. Merino is my friend, and blends are fantastic. Cotton with a little wool (helps give cotton a little shape too). Silk with a little merino...some synthetics with a little merino. Anything that just says 'wool' I know I can stay away from. But merino baby...."



Dear "Person",

Please look up the descriptions of "sensitivites" and "allergies" oh, and "chemical treatments" and maybe "merino" for good luck. I wouldn't expect anyone to love wearing a scratchy sweater made of low grade wool, or that has been coated in chemicals. But if you got WELTS, and NO WELTS from merino WOOL, you do not have an allergy to WOOL. Please do not tell a person who claims to have an allergy (be they have one or not) to just try merino.

You idiot.

Love, Me.

Why do I have to feel like I'm the allergy brigade. Ms. Clueless seems to think there's a magic property to merino WOOL than in a different grade? Maybe the sheep were blessed by the pope? Maybe they are so inbred that they aren't sheep anymore and are just a genetically modified beast? I just don't answer these threads anymore. I can't take it.

It drives me insane!

PS: This is one of my nice rants. I had to edit it a bunch, I'm feeling very pc today.


lidabit said...

There's a whole story in the Yarn Harlot's latest book about her wool allergic friend and how she went on this insane search for the softest wool ever and spun it herself and made socks and told her friend they were cotton. Um, yeah. Allergic is allergic.

Oh, and BTW, Hollis has those lighted needles you were looking for, and I am craving a pair! They're a little top-heavy b/c of the battery, but they're the coolest thing! I couldn't leave you a comment on your other blog b/c I don't have a LJ account...

Elspeth said...

I just saw that thread -- that's like saying "I'm allergic to sugar -- it makes me gain weight"! Two people (at least) totally missing the concept.