Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I can't decide.

Is she holding it down? Hrm. I really really like it. This one is barely being tamed by her pulling it down. I'm assuming if I add a different border or something, I can get the first one to lay flat. Maybe I just like it because it looks like my friend Nancy. Hrm.

I know they will have Hemp at Stitches, so maybe I'll get some. I do like the sweater but that's a lot of $$. However, both years I've gone, they didn't have any black in stock. Blasphemers. I might have to buy it on the site anyway. Sheesh.


Cookie said...

Ugh! I hate that! When they hold down the sweater. Especially when it's stockinette so it's obvious they're doing it. Grrr. This is worse though because it's not stockinette and you have to wonder if it's curling or not. Damn them.

Renee said...

Yeah, she's totally holding that down. That's not enough of a border to prevent rolling usually.

Cute sweater though. Just needs a bit of modification to get something that wouldn't roll.

your secret pal said...

I agree-rolling.

That sweater is adorable, but I would knit it longer and put in a longer boarder to prevent the rolling. A great way to hate a sweater is to have to walk around holding it down from rolling up!