Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I know I don't get a lot of readers, but here is a public announcement:

The Peninsula Knitters yahoo group was deleted. They suck (and if you have heard me bitch about work, they suck in more ways than one!). Anyway, >Lu created a new one right here and you can join until we get this sorted out (or if we don't, it will be the new group).

I don't have all of your emails, so if you are stalking me and live in the Peninsula, this is our group ;)

And I really want to say how much I hate these asshats with the whole "Stich N' Bitch" legal crap going on. And I hate how Yahoo has bowed down to them. I work for a large company, and we don't kick everyone's ass when they use our images, our taglines, our NAME in references. Its all about a case by case basis. We aren't going to sue a mom for making a Hello Kitty cake, that's just ridiculous and greedy.

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Elspeth said...

I never cared either way about it, until they deleted our group with no warning and not having anything to do with the idea that has been around since the '20s!