Monday, January 09, 2006

Pretty bad at updates

I finished Womb on Friday I think. Turned out much smaller than I thought, but I knew it was going to be small. Bella has deemed it a perfect cat toy, which is kinda good since the recepient has a cat, so its kitty approved. I'll take a photo of that later. I forgot since I came to work very early and it was still dark out. Blah.

I'm working on the head of Ted, the Compassionate Bear (or Katrina Bear). I'm calling him Ted, but trying not to get too attached. The Pagoda is ultra soft, squishy and lovely for a bear. Its pretty damn soft and nice for an acrylic novelty yarn.

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Elspeth said...

You know, if you, Bella or Raven get too attached you can always get a new kit, it's for a good cause ;)