Sunday, July 10, 2005

That sucks.

So I finished To Dye For, and didn't even die during the crochet neckline. However...

The sleeves are long. Like, I'm of the wrong species long. Holy fsk. I'd say 85% of the people who finished this baby had the same problem and of course I thought I would be in the 15% that would be okay.

Hahahah! Ya right.

So the sleeves are sewn flat. Which makes not only picking out a mohair-like yarn more of a bitch because I'd have to pick out the seam as well as unravel and all that crap.

So not happening. This sweater took me 2 weeks. Wow. And I was "gone" all of last weekend playing video games. The sleeves will be tacked up probably tomorrow night and I'll wear it Tuesday. Sure, it will add to the bulk but um, I'm NOT going through the pain of fixing it properly.

Nothing like wearing a big fuzzy sweater in the middle of July!

50% done a blanket (or a bathmat) for one of our animals! That damn Terryspun is a quick knit!

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