Friday, July 15, 2005

Oopsie, I went shopping ;)

I won an auction for some Sidar Snowflake (in black). As you can tell, I can't learn a lesson. I'm making this out of it.

But in black.

I promise I won't complain when I look like a whale in a chunky sweater. Okay, I won't complain a LOT.

And since over $7 in shipping for a pattern is just unreasonable, I got some yarn too. I ordered some Schachenmayr Micro for my Silk Cami that had that horrid ebay yarn. I ordered those 8 balls, the damn site should update soon.

In black of course.

And I really want to do that corset tank. I think *if* I go to TKGA in Oakland I'll check out Interlacements to see what fun stuff they have. I'll also be shopping for non-wool sock yarn.

I wasn't planning on doing it in black, but its always an option!

Oh, the bunny now has ears and a body. I attached the body backwards, because it looks much cuter with a big ole' butt (and I didn't figure out in time that it was wrong). Can't feel my finger, but hey, I don't use it that much anyway. Ben thinks its Satan, as its been staring at him and making him uneasy. Wait until it gets arms and legs and can go to the kitchen to get implements of doom!

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