Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Holy BAT!

Okay, I knew about the bats in Charted Knitting Designs: A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns, By Barbara Walker , but I didn't know about the spider stitch.

Mmm...lace bats

Holy cow! Er...spider!!

I think I'll die without this book. Or at least staple my hand to my forehead in dramatic goth form.

*le sigh*

I'm such a dork. If there are bunnies in this damn book I'm doomed. DOOMED!

[edit] Images stolen (but hosted by me) from some other lovely blogger. If I had the book to take images, I'd already have made something! Hah!


Elspeth said...

The bats are cool, the spiders are creepy. Do they need to be 3D?

Jen M said...

Ooh, I see a Halloween scarf with spiders crawling up, maybe some YO pattern for cobwebs.....

Blacky said...


is it possible to get the bat and spider pattern??? would be great and i love your kind of work

greets Blacky