Thursday, July 28, 2005

I didn't get any

So K brought some great plums to the meet on Tuesday. I put them on the coffee table. Bella (the kitty) decided they were toys on Tuesday night, and last night too.

Yep, too lazy to move them OFF of the coffee table. So this morning I notice that there are the last 2 plums on the ground under the coffee table and go brush my teeth. Then I come out of the bathroom to find this on the other side of the room!

Raven says thank you ;) I would have loved to see her carry it across the room!

Knitting? Nothing new, please move along.

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Elspeth said...

I'm surprised with a cat you wouldn't have expected that, I know we can't keep anything on a coffee table! I'm getting some knitting done, and was sucked into going to Joann's since Devon is off at a friend's house. So many exciting things! I wish I had gotten into it when I lived up the street.