Saturday, July 30, 2005

Slow progress

I might be afraid of her pointy boobs, but I got some really pretty yarn for my Silk Camisole. No more ebay crap! Hah! I think I paid like $5 more for all of this. Figures.

Why are scarf photos so damn boring? I'm not even a 3rd done I think. I like the pattern and its relaxing. I'm not feeling like I have to rush through it to see a finished project. So I'm doing it slowly, one cable repeat at a time ;)

SIL sock. That jog in the heel is just because the ends aren't woven in. The main big whoops is the traditional hole in the heel/ankle part. Ya, its on the other side. I'll sew it up. So, fixation shrinks huh? How much longer should I make this sucker, a shoe size?

Oh, and the pattern? A hybrid. I'm semi following a pattern, minus the top, colour changes and stuff like that. It took me forever to figure out the decreases for the gusset because they told you to follow another pattern on the same page that has a texture pattern in it. Hello, I just wanted an ankle sock you jerks. Another $3.50 down the drain for craptastic pattern writing.

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Elspeth said...

I really like the hand/arm warmers modificaiton in the Hiking Scarf KAL. Your scarf is coming along nicely, and we have lots of (well sort of) time until it's cold enough to be needed.

The socks look nice too. My first sock pattern was around that price too but at least it was generic enough I could make ankle socks out of it easily enough.