Wednesday, July 13, 2005

But but....*hangs head*

I KNOW I said NO MORE RIBBING for awhile, but theSilk Ribbed Corset is just screaming at me.

Screaming. I tell you.

I'd buy it right now but uh, I just bought 5 pairs of DPNs online.

Ohh, Interlacements is going to be at the Oakland TKGA....oooohhh......

I might as well take my Shapely Tank off of the sidebar, the poor thing is never going to get made at this rate!


lidabit said...

oh that's GORGEOUS! I'd knitalong that with you and ditch the shapely tank too... I just bought some cotton that I could totally make this with!

Shannon said...

It sounds like a plan! I joined the yahoo group but haven't gotten around to reading anything yet. I don't want that extra colour on the bottom, thats all I know!