Sunday, July 10, 2005

Holy cr@p. The Principles of Knitting.

When I first started knitting again, I did a usual used book store crawl. Man, I love used book stores. Anyway, I thumbed through a bunch of books, and picked up a few.

There was one I wavered on quite a bit. $15? Okay, its big, but $15? Sheesh. I got it.

Of course it was The Principles of Knitting By June Hermmons Hiatt.

And you know what is funny? Its pretty damn boring and I never crack it open. I never use this holy grail of knitting, however I can't bring myself to sell it.

I need to go on a bookstore crawl again soon. Maybe my luck really has improved ;)


Elspeth said...

I also got a bunch of "classic" pattern booklets and one book "Knit to Fit" from Ebay that are just wasting space in my room. I really need to look at those sometime too!

Elspeth said...
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Elspeth said...

I agree with the Amazon reviewers -- $240 for an ex-library edition? I wouldn't even pay $2.40 for an ex-library edition of most books. Is this one really a classic? I've never heard of it.

You should list it just in case it sold, for like $199.