Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sox, and xmas.

Well, I emailed my mom inlaw, asking what they wanted for xmas. I figured, if I'm going to make something again for them, they better damn well use whatever I make.

I gave her a list...sweaters, socks, slippers and such. She chose socks for the family. (I only need to impress her really, so her opinion matters)

So it looks like I'm giving socks for xmas. That's 4 pairs for the inlaws. I have the book Knit Socks! and ambition.

I feel bad that I can't make them nice wool socks, but they will live. There's always fixation and sock it to me. My list is looking like this:

MIL: socks. In a felted bag?
FIL: socks. With comfy slippers?
SIL: socks. With maybe a newsboy cap? Or another felted bag? She's not very stylish.
BIL: socks. With um, something from his amazon list?

Then there is my family. I'm not so certain on socks for them, but I can if I feel like it. I do owe my brother a hat.

Brother: Hat, socks?
SIL: Felted bag
Niece: Felted bag, or something really funky for a 16 yr old

So I need to go through my book, and pick out a few patterns to look at. Then see if I can knit socks proficiently. Hah.


HoJo said...

What's nice about fixation socks is that you get to do them on slightly larger needles (say 4's) so they knit up really fast. Too bad I don't have any fixation in black to offer you ;}

Elspeth said...

The beginning socks pattern I have calls for size 6 needles. Of course you don't wear them in your shoes (well, I did in my very large shoes), but they do make a quicker knit. I made some for my dad too and it was a lot quicker than the smaller socks. Either way, you'd better get started now! I just realized my mom's b-day is on Tuesday, now I have to crank something out.

Shannon said...

I'll have to venture into the realm of colour for these socks hojo ;)

Elspeth said...

Actually, I have some black Fixation! I got it at ImagiKnit.