Friday, July 08, 2005

No pics, but progress

Wow. I finished the front of To Dye For last night, and I'm about 6 rows away from being done the first sleeve. One more sleeve, slap it together then....


Yep, I picked a project without reading the finishing techniques. A single chain cr*chet around the neck and sleeves (maybe the bottom, I can't remember).

I need to breathe, watch more videos and tackle this. It can't be THAT hard right? I would totally avoid it if the neckline looked okay, but it looks sloppy because of the large gauge.


I'm sure that will take up my weekend!

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Elspeth said...

Single crochet is pretty easy, actually. I have a couple of crocheting books if you need them. But I wouldn't want to get stuck having to do it rather than another finishing technique.