Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What's up with that? Knitpicks.

I got an email (like everyone else subscribed) "Last chance to get these great yarns... " from knitpicks. They are discontinuing Radiance Wave and Palisade.

Hello! They only have like 22 different yarns and only carry inhouse yarns now. I haven't had a chance to USE my ball of Radiance Wave yet to know if I even LIKE IT! I have loved everything else I've used, but I'm not going to buy out on RW even if I do love it, simply because I won't be able to get more.

This type of thing peeves me off. Sure I totally understand stock rotation (hello, I run 2 online stores), but come on! I love knitpicks and they have great wool alternatives, but if I can't get something a few months after I originally buy it (in this case only about a month, if that), then I won't order from there for set projects. I'm the queen of running out of yarn.

Joan from WLD has solved my "weird" problems:
I'm thinking there might also be some issues with the cotton yarn stretching at some key fitting points such as across the back of your shoulders to keep the underarms in place.

Wool or wool blends have the intrinsic recovery properties that take care of that problem, but for those who can't tolerate wool, there are some stretchy cottons on the market. JCA makes one, as does Classic Elite (Star?), and Cascade Fixation.

I never thought about the stretch across the back when I did Angelina in 100% cotton, and now I wish I would have thought of something like Fixation.

Of course, it wouldn't have been so pretty! Hah!

BUT as a person who has a 100% sub rate, I need to think more about these things.

Thank you Joan, you rock, and I will be ordering Marta and Laura soon. I LOVE WLD! Mmm....Marta maybe in Alpaca! Black! Can you tell I have a lacey sleeve fetish?

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Lu said...

Palisade is gone already and Radiance Wave is alpaca and silk - they really thought it was a spring/summer yarn? I don't get it either.