Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lazy or Busy?

All I need to do is throw my damn Fuzzy Feet in the wash and I'm done. Okay, I'll have to attach the ears. I swear I will have a photo on Monday! I'm such a lazy ass.

I've been in the garage anyway (pay laundry SUCKS) making soap, but I can't run the washer or dryer and my soap crap. Nice huh? So when someone else in the building wants to do laundry I can't make soap. Well, I can, I just will blow a fuse.

I'm in a few soap swaps so I've been making soap like a mad woman....


Sorry, this is my knitting blog!

See, I'm just a tad obsessed. Anyway, I want my Fuzzy Feet to felt themselves. I've been working a few rows at a time on a "secret" project for Ben, aka, another hat. It seems like a stupid anniversary gift, but the 7yr traditional gift is wool, and modern is a desk set. We try to at least keep a little bit to these things, because it makes shopping fun. At least I do. So he gets a hat (out of Alpaca "wool" of course, don't want me to die eh!) that I made, and a new Kangol cap. Of course I can say this all because my lovely DH is too lazy and occupied with news sites to read this one.

The hat will be green (his favourite colour) and again a London Beanie, sans stripes.

I need to cast on for my Silk Cami! I'll do that this weekend too!

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