Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Fuzzy Feet hurt :P

So this week while I was in St. Louis, I worked on Fuzzy Feet. Okay, I pretty much only worked on them on the plane. I didn't have time to knit there, I was busy running away from my inlaws.

I found out working with DPNs really kill me. My right pinky finger goes numb and shooting pains go up my arm. I'm taking that as a bad sign. With all of my other nerve and arm issues, I think I'll have to watch it when I use DPNs. Grr.

This is what I have:

I'm starting the toe decreases on the second, then have to knit up 4 ears. Picking up along the elongated v's makes really REALLY big holes! The holes are from the S1s. Lame. I've sewn them up (sloppy of course since they will be felted) on the first one and tried to pull really tight on the second but I still got the huge holes. I hope I'm not such a dumbass on real socks. I could be picking up wrong, which is completely possible.

Anyway, since these hurt so much to knit, they will NOT be xmas gifts. Boo.


HoJo said...

Shannon, don't give up on them. knit them in 2 circulars instead, using circs is more ergonomic.

lidabit said...

The big holes from the S1s are normal - they really bugged me too. They should close up when you felt them, but check on them during felting because I always got a big hole at the bottom corner of the gusset which I had to sew up and then re-felt. Looking forward to seeing the FOs!

Lu said...

You are back!
Good, I need soap, going over to the other site .......

Shannon said...

Thanks everyone! They are almost done! Lu, just let me know what you need, free delivery ;)