Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This won't hold half of my chest! *blush*

Started on my Boobholder yesterday, after tons of research. Its really not that hard, if you read the pattern and don't look into it for hidden meaning. I didn't understand where the sleeves were at first, but reading 24 pages of comments over at craftster solved that.

Also, I'm doing a proper M1 for once, but when you do an M1 on either side of a marker you still get the hole because you are doing 2 M1s in one stitch. DUH. Ya. That would be why someone on the forum did the increases the stitch before and after the marker. I actually like the whole "design feature" of the hole. I mean, lace! Its lace!

I have some really cute buttons my MIL bought me for a jacket she made me, so I'll have to dig those up.

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Elspeth said...

Uh, _24_ pages of comments? "You know what I liked about the movie? No reading. It only took 2 hours and then I could take a nap." -- Jim Gaffigan. I'm not sure I'm that dedicated to making a project that takes 24 pages of comments. I guess that's why it's a free pattern.