Thursday, June 23, 2005

Maybe I'm too hasty, and a review

So I'm almost done the first ball of Cotton Ease, which I said I didn't love. I pick up the second, and *bam*! Its soft! WTF?

I got a bum skein? Same dyelot and everything? I have no idea anymore.

Review: Webs Interchangeable Bamboo Circular Needle Set

Its an okay set. I'm loving using the size 9s on the Boobholder. I was TRYING to use the size 5s on the damn cami, but when you go down that small in needle size, the joins are crap. They were so difficult to use (my crapass yarn kept on getting snagged on the join). Like the Boye set, they screw together, and I prefer the clicking of the Denise set. The jumper cables are really nice mind you, so much better than the Denise set.

So, in my lame and unscientific review I give them a B. Good for big projects, crappy for small ones. Better quality than Clover wood, and you get a cute case, darning needles, and other stuff with them. A great gift.

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