Tuesday, June 21, 2005

No Patience for Crap.

Tossed out that damn crap yarn. Its just plain crap. Chalk it up to a bad ebay purchase. Don't trust people when they tell you a yarn weight, and its going cheap. I've never gotten "worsted weight" yarn that is 26 stitches / 4 inches. Eeediots. Of course Ben wanted to keep it to clean his laptop screen. I'm sure I can knit him up something for that in nice yarn. He's already raided most of my velvet stash for the same purpose.

Last night I started the "famous" Boobholder, or Minisweater, if you want to be polite. This sucker will be my lifesaver since I'm not supposed to wear tank tops or camisoles to work.

Hello? That's 90% of my wardrobe. I LOVE me some tank tops and camisoles. Bastards. Its not like I pay attention, but I'm sure some days I could be nice and wear a fun sweater!

Anway, I've done the first 8 rows, and in Cotton Ease. This project seems to be pretty easy...but...

I don't know if I should do the modifications for increasing size in the bustline. Okay, I have a big chest. But honestly, I don't really understand the modifications. At least I don't get the whole increases under the arms. Of course I'm adding extra rows.


What I'm loving about the project: I LOVE the yarn weight! Sheesh, what a great break from that lacey stuff I've been doing. Size 9 needles? Wow, this is fun again!

Cons: I'm not sure I love Cotton Ease. Its just not all that soft. I guess I've been used to working the past few months in 100% cotton, and it was soft. I can tell its 50% acrylic. Not even 50% soft acrylic. Then again, if I love this sweater so much to make again, I can make it in something else. The Fuzzy Feet in Alpaca was nice and soft. Gosh darn...maybe I need more ;)

I still need to make another (few) tank tops and/or camisoles. I'm sure if I get some NICE yarn for my Silk Camisole it will go back on the list. Maybe bamboo or something...hmm!

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Elspeth said...

You'll have to tell me how the pattern is going. I've been daunted by the less than clear directions.

I recently bought some AllHemp yarn from knitpixie which might be fun for you to try.