Monday, June 27, 2005


So I was cleaning up my stash. I admit, its very very small. With the other 500 crafts I do, its probably for the best that I seriously only buy for projects, or get gifts, or really pick and choose when it comes to shopping. Don't have a heart attack Lu, I think I only have about 30 balls!

That said, I really need to get rid of a few things. Like the 2 balls of Red Heart Light and Lofty that I made my first sweater out of. HOLY mother of a bad choice. Anyway. Its an okay pine green. But 2 skeins of super bulky stuff? I was thinking of a little blanket or something. BIG ass needles?

I thought that was bad until I found the "wonderful" 2+ skeins of Lion Brand Terryspun in a horrific teal colour.

How did you end up with this Shannon?

Ebay at 3am dear audience.

Anyway, I don't know what I was thinking. I believe I had shoppers remorse as soon as I clicked. Anyway, I'm stuck with this "stuff". At least the Red Heart I can do a little blankie or something.

All I can think of is to put it back on ebay. *sigh* I can maybe make some cute plushies, but this is almost 3 skeins of plushies. That's an army, and knowing my luck they would form a resistance and revolt. Then take over the world, probably using my laptop and fishing wire.

This by no means I'm a yarn snob. I'm a colour and texture snob. 90% of my stash is acrylic, and I don't mind it that way. I also seem to have a lot of lavender (darn cute babies).

But Terryspun? Man, I must have been drunk AND smoking crack. *sigh*


Lu said...

30 balls do not qualify as stash!

Shannon said...

*hangs head in shame*

Elspeth said...

Hey, I have 30 balls of _black_ yarn!